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Here’s What I Think…

First off, I deleted my WordPress app because it was no longer working on my iPad. The last two updates caused it to crash when I try to open it. I figured my iPad 4 is too old, but updates are not supposed to be offered to me if they’re incompatible. We used to be able to roll back to older apps via the iTunes backup, but Apple changed it a while ago so that we can’t do that any more. This is precisely the sort of controlling, limiting, dumbing-down kind of behaviour from Apple (and other tech companies) that makes me absolutely livid.

Banning people and sites is measly behaviour too, of course… and it seems Trump has finally tweeted his views on the subject. Good. 🙂 I said to my mother a while ago that it blew my mind that the big companies can do this sort of thing and imagine they won’t get their tails caught in the cat-flap.

For some reason I was particularly angry at Pinterest banning Alex Jones. I never liked Facebook et al, but Pinterest is something else. I always had a soft spot for it, and it’s not a place I think of as political. Perhaps it depends what people use it for, but for me it’s always been for art, journalling, storage, organization, Christmas decorations, fairy houses… I mean, I had no idea Alex Jones was on it. I never looked!

I knew he was on YouTube but didn’t watch his videos very much, but after his banning, I watched anything that showed his face, because I wanted to know what was going on. I wanted his views as well as other people’s. I seem to remember he said on one video that he kept apologizing about the Sandy Hook thing, but the media never published his apologies. That channel got taken down pretty quickly, so I can’t point to it.

I feel the wind picking up… things are about to happen to change this scene, so there’s no point my going on about it.

Where WordPress is concerned, I don’t have my app any more so am using the mobile browser version. I might be slower to answer things or read other people’s posts. I’m in a confused frame of mind, which doesn’t help. It’s as though I’m walking along and there’s a multitude of little trails and footpaths and roads and byways all branching off in different directions. I want to go down all of them, but if I start off down one, I will forfeit the chance to go down any of the others. I could always come back and try different routes, but I’ll get tired eventually, and time is wearing on.

I would like to have the horse who can gallop in all directions at once. If he’s for sale, please let me know. 🙂

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Changing a Post

I wonder how many bloggers change or delete posts in the days following publication? I’m not always happy with what I have written, but tend to think “it’s published now; forget it and start a new one.” Today I made an exception and deleted sections of my last post, which I felt rambled on too long.

The process wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked.

I write blog posts in an iPad app (not Pages or Word) and paste them into the WordPress app. I stopped keeping the original drafts because sometimes I make minor changes afterwards so the original drafts are no longer accurate. It seems like too much work to go back and correct them, so now I just assume they should be scrapped.

It’s the first time I’ve tried copying text from the WordPress app back to the wordprocessing app, and my attempts to do this were failing. I discovered I could paste it into Mail… had to re-copy it from Mail before I could finally paste it into the wordprocessing app.

Strange carry-on.

It also copies line formatting that I don’t want; I’m not sure I can override that. Fortunately I was only wanting to keep a copy of the original post in case I later changed my mind, so, having stored that, I just edited the post right where it was in WordPress, and updated. No faffing about with line spaces or reinserting links.

Thinking about it, it probably wasn’t transferring to the other app because what I was pasting wasn’t text but HTML?

My worst habit as a blogger is a refusal to re-read posts after publication, even to check. I would prefer to close my eyes and forget… lalalalalala. Having pruned my last post, though, I feel a lot better — must do this more often. 😀

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A Tag Cloud Dropped In Unexpectedly

My tag cloud

One of the things about having fallen out of blogging for so long is that WordPress has changed a lot, and I don’t quite know how to use it any more! I’ve been slowly finding out. The last time I created a blog post, it made tag suggestions and gave me the opportunity to add them. It also invited me to choose from the ‘most used’ tags, and when I clicked on the link, this image came up…

It didn’t take me long to work out that this isn’t a list of common tags on the WordPress site… this is my OWN cloud of tags!

The word ‘trivialities’ is unsettlingly huge. On the other hand, ‘grumbles’ is surprisingly small. Perhaps I just forget to add it most of the time…

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Log-in Peeve

I know there’s probably a reason for it, but it drives me nuts when I go and comment on someone’s WordPress blog, and it says “you have to be signed in to comment here…” and I discover I’ve been sneakily logged out of my own blog. For the comment to go through, I have to go back to this Aw Diddums blog and log in again. Hiss, growl, miaow.

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Four Links to Who-Knows-Where

Today I was alarmed to discover that one of my older posts on WordPress had a list of four links at the foot of it. The list was headed ‘possibly related posts’. The first link was to one of my own posts; the other three was to posts by blogs I didn’t even know. I saw it as a type of advertising spam, and I didn’t want it.

Investigating, I found that some bloggers were reporting a rise in the number of trolls visiting their blogs, as well as bloggers whose views were radically opposed to their own. Some of the links led to inappropriate sites, and there was nothing to point to the fact that the poster wasn’t endorsing these places. A quick look in my stats showed that I was receiving referrals from sites I didn’t think had any interest in my blog… turns out they had my posts in their ‘possibly related links’.

The good news is that I could opt out – and I did. I wish I’d known earlier it was happening, as I wasn’t seeing any of those links at the foot of recent posts. I won’t be receiving any of the traffic generated by this exercise, but I was happy enough the way I was before.

Meanwhile, the latest ScribeFire update still wasn’t working for me; in particular I was getting login errors when I tried to reconnect it with my blog… so I downgraded to the version I was happy with. It’s like going home.

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Moving from Blogigo

I didn’t meet up with a lot of success when I was looking into automatically exporting my blog from Blogigo to WordPress… I’m still importing it manually, post by post. I’m copying each old post into the ‘New Post’ box and setting the date to match the original Blogigo date (minus one hour, as Blogigo always seemed to be one hour ahead of me. I remember that made NaBloPoMo 2006 a little more challenging, as I had to post before 23:00 instead of 24:00)!

In transferring my blog, I’ve still only got as far as June 2006! Two or three posts every other day.

I’m unable to transfer the old comments across as actual comments, so if I like any enough to keep, I have to copy them in at the foot of the post.

When I looked into doing the whole thing automatically, I found that we needed an exporter at the original host (Blogigo doesn’t appear to have any). If we don’t have that, it can be done by RSS feed. I’m not sure how that works, but as luck would have it, the RSS feeds at Blogigo have either moved (without telling us) or have been taken down or damaged in some fashion. The RSS feed for my Blogigo blog is now just a blank page with an error message.

I was using Bloglines to subscribe to various Blogigo blogs, keeping an eye on what was being said there. Of course they were mute for quite a long time; after a while Bloglines quietly deleted all of those Blogigo feeds, which were showing no sign of being repaired. (If my feed disappeared similarly from someone else’s list, it was probably never noticed). We don’t have RSS feeds on Blogigo any more, and that’s what drove me away. What’s the point of talking if nobody knows I’ve said something?

WordPress has help forums – I found an enquiry by someone coming from Blogigo (WP blog since deleted), but it doesn’t suggest anything new. I didn’t even try the RSS Feed method – just started bringing the old posts across by hand. I delete each post from Blogigo after it’s copied, unless I happen to remember that it’s linked to from someone else’s site, in which case I leave it up with a message saying I’ve moved.

It’s interesting, in a way – I’ve deleted so many posts that I don’t want up there any more, and it’s a good time to check all my links are still working!