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Overheard on Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. Today in town, Mum overheard little boy saying to man (or vice versa) “But what am I getting Mummy?”

I’m sure the same pair passed me a couple of times during the morning, getting more and more panicky looking.

I doubt if they would find it any easier in the nearest big city – I remember one Christmas going there to shop, and not finding anything. Went home and went round the small town shops, and found several good things! A fluke, perhaps, though my little town is better than a lot of places I’ve been. When we go on holiday, we’re used to shopping in an old and popular town in England, and their charity shops have very little of interest. We think that’s because of the antique centres; traders hit the charity shops early and get all the good things before the rest of us even get up. Then they flog them for more than most people can afford.

Merry Christmas from me and the cats. I hope you beat the early birds to the best worms! I got the last tin of cashew nuts next door, heh heh.