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Changing a Post

I wonder how many bloggers change or delete posts in the days following publication? I’m not always happy with what I have written, but tend to think “it’s published now; forget it and start a new one.” Today I made an exception and deleted sections of my last post, which I felt rambled on too long.

The process wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked.

I write blog posts in an iPad app (not Pages or Word) and paste them into the WordPress app. I stopped keeping the original drafts because sometimes I make minor changes afterwards so the original drafts are no longer accurate. It seems like too much work to go back and correct them, so now I just assume they should be scrapped.

It’s the first time I’ve tried copying text from the WordPress app back to the wordprocessing app, and my attempts to do this were failing. I discovered I could paste it into Mail… had to re-copy it from Mail before I could finally paste it into the wordprocessing app.

Strange carry-on.

It also copies line formatting that I don’t want; I’m not sure I can override that. Fortunately I was only wanting to keep a copy of the original post in case I later changed my mind, so, having stored that, I just edited the post right where it was in WordPress, and updated. No faffing about with line spaces or reinserting links.

Thinking about it, it probably wasn’t transferring to the other app because what I was pasting wasn’t text but HTML?

My worst habit as a blogger is a refusal to re-read posts after publication, even to check. I would prefer to close my eyes and forget… lalalalalala. Having pruned my last post, though, I feel a lot better — must do this more often. 😀

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Thanks for Your Patience

Thanks for your patience; I’ve finished copying across those older blog posts from Blogigo. It was a dull process, which was why I kept you up to date… misery loves company! Some you won’t have read and might have liked, so there’s that as well.

Rereading the posts, I discover in myself a tendency to put ‘very’, ‘absolutely’, ‘really’ and ‘completely’ where they aren’t needed. I really truly must put a complete stop to that.

Here are the last of my old posts which I’ve carried across the river of lava and thus rescued. (I’m watching a teenager being rescued in the film Volcano. I don’t want to know if she is safe; I want to know if she hung onto her teddy bear).

Date Imperialism: very short rant about date formats.

Household Spirit: “In seconds, a small form appeared silently in the doorway.”

Pieces of Eight: I’m only keeping the really truly best memes. 🙂

Who, Which, What, Where? “Chani suggests that everybody answers these 35 questions. Sometimes I think it’s easier to give a point of view when prompted…”

Moonlight Sleeping on a Midnight Lake
: Struggling to remember my reasons for past actions. “I’m trying to sort through boxes and files of paper and notepads from my house. It’s a boring job and I really don’t want to do it – except that I keep finding some strange things.”

Tempted by Stephen Fry: on Firefox browser skins and colour schemes in general.

A Hint of Humanity in the Darkness: “I felt singularly useless, as though I’m just whispering into a void.”

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Bide a Wee

Och, scurrying past my window? Jist bide a wee… copying these older posts across is a chore and I need a break.

Tapping into the Past: “Playing these songs now makes me feel as though I’m tapping into myself as I used to be…”

The Missing Notepad: “We had our conversations in it; our shopping lists, house-letting plan of action, room measurements, blog notes, and anything else we needed to jot down in a hurry. I didn’t notice the moment it slipped from view – just one day I reached into my wheelie bag and wasn’t there.”

I Talk to the Trees: Letting out my house… “Funny how my home still lays claim to me. I go inside and the door shuts. Peace steals over me like treacle.”

The Light and Shade of Computerspace: In other words… FRACTALS! “Mum appeared in the doorway looking disgruntled, and said ‘I thought you’d died.’

The Relentless March of Time: death of a fractal artist.

They Don’t Make ‘Em the Way they Used to
: there are no blue carpets, green carpets, red carpets, pink carpets, orange carpets, purple carpets…

About a Scottish Poet
: George Mackay Brown, and understanding people.

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Past Observations

How Do We Define Art?

The Sinister Town of Darkness … something odd going on in the area. The comments section is much longer than the actual post. 🙂 I had forgotten about this and I’m glad I noted it in the blog (and re-read it).

Gleeful Observations: links to three enjoyable posts by other bloggers, along with thoughts on bachelorhood by George Ade the American essayist.

Keeping up with the Joneses in Neighbours and Borders.

Sharky at mealtimes: Poor Old Buey.

“I’ve observed that women don’t always think it’s OK to be ‘feminine’.” My spiky side is showing in this post… Feminity. Came very close to being deleted.

Links to five blog gems by other bloggers in Roaming Round the Blogs. This was supposed to be the start of a weekly wrap-up project, but I spent so much time writing my thoughts about the posts that I thought I better put the idea on hold for a while. 😀 I still like the idea as it made me feel more ‘organized’ and in tune.

Having said that, I see there was a second ‘weekly wrap up’ of five posts by others: Roaming Around.

Being encroached on by a new neighbour. How does one complain to this one’s mum? Taking an Ell.

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Musing Break

It’s interesting looking back at the older posts because there were so many things I had forgotten about, such as tips on how to survive a holiday without blazing arguments, and…. but those links are being stored up for later. Newer visitors to this blog won’t have seen these before…. they were never on this site.

Yesterday was depressing because I deleted so much more than I kept. But when I have weathered the firestorm, the torment and the self-doubt (finger hovers over the Big Red Blog Delete key), I will be able to see how many posts I still have and what causes them to be visited… which I couldn’t do when half of them (or more) were on the old site. The blog stats there were disappointing.

(Conveniently forgets about her blogspot blog).

By the way, we have figured out that the crusty spot on Delilah’s upper lip isn’t food or vole blood… it’s a vole bite! Poor little fellow. I won’t be letting her blog any time soon; she would probably name it ‘Hunter in the Shadows’ and post snaps of her furry trophies.

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Worth Keeping

I apologize if I sound distracted. I must copy my older posts across before they disappear by themselves. I liked a lot of the comments that came with them… You might recognize some of yours. If you don’t want them up there any more, I can delete them.

If you’re uncertain what to blog about, you could do worse than use the meme I pinched from Geosomin: Long Past My Bedtime. This is were we invent the bloguneral.

Next time you lose something, try this. It works for me…

Angle on abstract art: Reading the Leaves.

Another angle: Abstract Thoughts at Bedtime.

Minding our Ps and Qs: more rumbles on lyrics and lyrics sites (and giving pills to cats)

I deleted most of my Yorkshire holiday posts, but this one amused me enough to keep: Home Again: accidental discoveries on how to keep the peace while on holiday with the family.

Gave me a bit of a giggle… Mozart and Shelob. I kept hoping she would leap out of the photograph and devour the fly sitting on my monitor, but neither of them are budging. The only thing causing the fly to move is when I’m typing something and the text gets closer and closer… suddenly the fly takes a dozen steps away.

Coffee addicts will understand Yearning.

Not So Endless Blue… struggling to make sense of everything. “Life flows through your hands like water, and it’s impossible to hold onto any of it.”

Have decided I like the guy who was on Come Dine with Me earlier tonight. He made everybody wait for their dinner despite being determined to dish up on time (the best-laid plans o’ mice and men!) but he has some teddy bears in his bedroom, including one that belonged to his mum as a girl.

Bears rule, OK…

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Searching Wrongly on Google

I have been making a mistake! There I was imagining you had to use quotation marks in searches if you were hunting for a phrase such as “I wandered lonely as a cloud” and didn’t want to end up with results such as “I suspect the dog wandered away yesterday because Jenny sounded lonely when I talked to her on the phone. I decided to go home just as a cloud came over.”

I tested it on my short blog post Rugs Do Not Discriminate. First of all I did a search for “When I trip over the rugs in the kitchen and squawk” including the quotation marks, and the only result I got was the WordPress category tag accidents in the home. My rug post is listed there, but it’s also listed under other tags: accidents, hearing others, kitchen mats, listening to others, rugs, tripping (yes, I know that last tag is more about magic mushrooms. Tough). None of those are listed in Google when you search for my rug post. Not that I was particularly interested in seeing them there, as I prefer to see a direct link to it.

Well, I was wondering just what had happened, then discovered by accident that if I made the same search in Google without the quotation marks, my post showed up at the top of the page – which it should, seeing as I was using a direct quotation! Another search using single quotation marks had the same result – showing my blog post at the top of the page. Ah. At some point it seems I got confused and started using “these marks” instead of ‘these ones’.

Talking about the WordPress tags, I realized the other day that the older blog posts I’m moving onto the new blog are not appearing properly in Google. When I thought about it, I realized it was because I have so many brand new posts on my feed that none of the posts with older dates are showing up on it. When they don’t get on the feed, they don’t show up in Google as individual posts… though they might turn up as part of a WordPress category. For instance if you were to search for ‘painting my territory’ diddums (it’s hard to find if you don’t put the ‘diddums’ in!) you would get a result for the WordPress tag lost in thought instead of a link to the actual blog post, Painting My Territory.

I only realized it when I looked in my blog stats and discovered some of the search terms were leading the unfortunate searchers straight to categories and tags, not to individual blog posts. I don’t think that’s such a brilliant idea, but on the other hand, it seems to be my only option for the older posts.

Just musing out loud… and it keeps it in my brain so that I don’t keep twittering to myself “but WHY isn’t it showing up on Google?? Oh wait, I already worked out why not…”

Edit 7 March 2008: 

Now I’m not so sure I WAS making a mistake when I searched with double quotation marks instead of single. There’s something else going on here.