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A Somewhat Feminist Issue

I don’t seem to be keeping up with ‘post once a week’… feeling tired at the moment. Hoping to improve in a week or two.

Here’s a subject I had in mind to bring up… it’s a bit risqué for me; on the other hand it strikes me as common sense and related to health. In fact, that is one of the points raised on the site I’m linking to… that some people might see it as a risqué subject, but it really shouldn’t be. Anyway, giving thought to this might make all the difference to the health of some women.

Why Wear Bras?

The thing that keeps me toeing the line (when I go out) is knowing that people do seem to watch women, and they know when you’re not wearing one, and insult you behind your back. You see it on blogs all the time: that’s how you know it happens! But maybe such attitudes should be challenged?

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Things I Meant to Blog About

There’s so much I keep meaning to blog about, but time moves on and things fall behind. These are three things I’ve had in mind recently:

Micro shoplifting

We’ve had recent brushes with a particular variety of shop lifter. Not the type who will take an entire packet of something and walk out with it, but who will take something out of the box and leave it to someone else (us!) to buy.

My mother bought 5 or 6 small bottles of a refreshing juice from the local supermarket. At home she found the top of one of them was loose, and the level was lower than in the other bottles. Someone had taken a swig of it and put it back on the shelf.

I told her about buying a couple of pads of lined A4 paper from Woolworth. Got them home and found someone had torn a sheet out of one of them.

Then Mum bought me some hayfever relief tablets in Boots… you would think that would be pretty safe, but a tablet had been pinched out of one of the foil strips.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve not come across this before; it’s like a new form of shoplifting that targets other customers more than the shops themselves. I said to Mum that maybe the people who do it will have it done to them one day, and will find out what a kick in the teeth it is… though I would prefer if they understood this already without having to experience OR do it!

Trans fats must go

I know I don’t think a great deal of some ‘nanny state’ laws and attitudes, but I would back a Scottish ban on trans fats from food. To me it’s like smoking… there’s far more harm than good in it, and it doesn’t make sense to me that it’s offered as a choice.

More lovin’ needed

Town is quite busy with holidaymakers now, but our favourite coffee shop in town has lost trade. Our initial suspicion is that the students who usually go there (and sit around with their laptops) have gone home, but I’ve been realizing that a lot of the locals are on holiday (not just students), whereas the holidaymakers don’t know the smaller coffee shops and probably just head straight for Starbucks and Costa’s. It’s got so that there’s a blackboard outside the smaller coffee shop saying “Looky here, we need loving ALL the time!” You go in, and there’s nobody else there.

My suggestion is: look out for the smaller shops, even in an unknown town… they need your trade and are probably quieter and friendlier than the chain stores. They aren’t all tables and chairs; the smaller shop we’re talking about is predominated by padded chairs and sofas, whereas the Costa’s here only has one sofa in the corner, and Starbucks has a couple of cushy areas (generally with someone else in them already) and that’s it. I love Costa’s coffee, but to me there’s no contest about which shop I would rather be in. The little one that all the crowds are walking past and not loving.

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A Faceful of Spring Flowers

If I don’t smother my face with a nice moisturizing cream after showering or having a bath, my skin dries out and is quite tight and sore. I finished my pot of L’Oréal Hydrafresh – the name inspires an image of beautiful soft tentacles… because we’re worth it! So then I went to town to buy more.

Do you have any idea how confusing that is? There are whole racks of lotions and moisturizers and toners and gels, and you have to decide whether you want a day cream, a night cream, an anti-wrinkle cream, a hypoallergenic cream, a barrier cream, an eye cream, or…? You find yourself tempted by the anti-ageing creams, and then you look at the price and it says £12.99 (or something similar). The cheapest pots of cream I could see were around £4, but even then I was hesitating. I actually left the shop and came back later, and stood staring at this wall of oils, greases and unguents. Mum found a huge pot of Cyclax Vitamin E face and body cream – it was either 99p or £1.99. After all that hesitating (and recent splurging on books), this was a clear winner!

It smells lovely – of spring flowers. I keep reaching out for extra dabs of it, the same as you would return to the bowl for another handful of popcorn. The cats like it too, but they love anything I use after showering. If I stroke them, they clamp their noses to my hand as though magnetized, and take deep, blissful breaths.

Talking to Mum afterwards, I was complaining about the cost of these face creams, and she said some of the ones advertised on TV are about £20. What?! If this stuff really works, all the wealthy will be wrinkle-free whereas the struggling… oh, that’s true anyway. So what the hey.

Off to see if there’s anything on TV apart from adverts for things I can’t afford. Talking of which, it always seemed mad to me that if you pay to get rid of the ads in your software or blog space or whatever, you must have enough money to be able to spend on things like that. The ones who continue to receive the ads are the ones who can’t afford whatever’s being advertised anyway. Haven’t the sponsors realized that yet? Maybe I shouldn’t shout it too loud…

Edit Feb 2008: Comments I received when this post was hosted by Blogigo:

drifting wrote at May 29, 2006 at 00:44:
Face Creams – yes I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes feel I should be putting more on my face than just some cheap moisturiser then go to the shops and look at the prices and think ‘hell’. Anti-wrinkle creams, yes that’s for me. Look at the price ‘bloody hell’. So I stick to old faithful. Can’t stop ageing anyway, sigh. I once read from a dermatologist that he reckoned they were all essentially the same anyway and you didn’t have to spend your life savings on a pot of cream, but use something like wheatgerm oil.

kateblogs wrote at Jun 1, 2006 at 19:51:
I use Johnson’s baby lotion as a moisturiser, have done ever since my boys were tiny. It’s relatively cheap, and seems to work. People often tell me I look younger than I am. Of course, that might just be politeness LOL.