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Badly Painted Germ

Evil looking and shapeless creature.Sitting up in the middle of the night with a hot forehead. Must have caught something in town.

 You ask yourself, “What did I touch?!” but of course if could have been anything. Shop doors, clothes-hangers, the edge of the coffee shop table… who knows?

I should email a friend while I have the light on. She sent a photo at 5:30 yesterday morning, so I should return the favour. It’s fortunate that digital photos don’t arrive at the other end with germs on them.

If I were a speed painter, I could paint her a picture. Unfortunately I know I would still be labouring over it by Christmas, so I better not even start.

Have just checked the headlines. “Jeremy Clarkson in hospital with pneumonia”. (Panics slightly)… no, that’s not what I have. Surely.

Looking at other news, I have nothing to complain about, really.

Will send her a badly painted germ… yes, I painted it anyway, despite my doubts. So it can be done.

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Something Thick This Way Comes

Today I was horrified to come home and find that my cat Samson had left muddy pawprints all round the toilet seat and down into the bowl… where he’s probably been drinking. I thought he had grown out of that by now, especially with his lovely cat fountain downstairs!

I warned Mum, and tonight there was a graphic toilet cleaner commercial. “We should make Samson watch this,” I said. The commercial was subtitled, and it zoomed in on a couple of germs inside the toilet bowl. One germ said “hey look, something incredibly thick is approaching!”

“In our house it wouldn’t be the bleach he was referring to,” I said, glaring at Samson.

Mum laughed and said “that germ was Tony Robinson.”
I opened and shut my mouth a few times, then said, “oh, you could recognize the voices?” (This skill in others always takes me by surprise!) Then I began to understand something about the expression he used. “Was he being Baldrick from Blackadder? That whole thing was a kind of Blackadder scene? Who was the other germ?”

Another thing that takes me by surprise is when people praise actors for their roles in animated films… I think “who? Eddie Murphy was in Shrek? But Donkey is Donkey!” So much washes over my head. 🙂

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The Best Responses that Aren’t

Was thinking about my last post (The Peruvian Bug that Wasn’t) and it led me to think about how sites like Yahoo Answers have someone ask a question, and the best answer gets voted up to the top of the column, often by the other readers. And there’s nothing more depressing than people voting as ‘the best answer’ a response that appears sensible but is completely mistaken.

Then they close the question so people can’t come along later and challenge it.

I’ve seen that before; the response that sounds something like “dearie, aren’t you just panicking about nothing? These are the facts,” is usually the one that gets voted up, whether or not it’s correct. Perhaps it’s the confident, ‘no-nonsense’ sound of it that encourages people to think they’re listening to someone who knows what he/she is talking about.

Isn’t that how we choose leaders? The one who makes decisions, just like that, and sounds like he knows what he’s doing. Pats everyone on the head and says things will get better.

Mum used to be a nurse. I said to her “how long do germs take to incubate?” and she said “depends on the germ.”

“Oh, I like that answer!” I said. “That’s a good answer!”

“Thanks for the vote,” she said.

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The Peruvian Bug that Wasn’t

Just to say: no ‘dry socket’ has set in! The Terminator is also fine… eye almost completely regenerated. I asked what Mum’s friends thought of her glowing red eye; one of them said she’s not in the least bit bothered by such things. Smug… humph. But one does get used to it.

I got a sore throat after my visit to the dentist; I suspected that same night it was coming, but it didn’t properly materialize till the next night. I googled it (as one does) and found other folks complaining about the same thing. Some people said they always got one after a dental visit. A commenter told one of them it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the dentist, as germs take 2-3 days to incubate, and it was more likely to be a bug that was coming already. But I’m generally suspicious of such sweeping assertions! Perhaps some germs are quicker than others to get their skates on.

As the dentist had just returned from Peru, I was hoping it wasn’t an exotic Peruvian bug (it might have been kind of exciting if it was) but whatever it was has gone now.


Diving back into Bryce. Will read all your blogs again tomorrow. :mrgreen:

Oh… how about a poll?

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The Dizzy Virus and the Gallivanting Parcel

I was struck down by a Dizzy Virus, caught, I suspect, from a small Glo-E teddy bear. He was second hand from a charity shop, and people (including the child who used to own him) had been pressing his paw to make him glow. it stands to reason any of their germs would have passed from their paws to the bear’s to mine, when I did the same thing that they did and pressed his paw to make him glow.

Yesterday morning everything was a sickening whirl when I sat up, and I couldn’t imagine I would be able to get up at all. After a while it calmed enough for me to get dressed and wait for my backup hard drive, which was meant to arrive that day.

It never turned up, so at night, when I felt a little better, I ‘tracked’ the parcel to see where it had got to. At 07:51 in the morning it was being checked into its hotel in Droitwich, which is miles away. At 07.51 I had been pulling myself upright, in a fever of anxiety and dizzy anticipation.

I ordered it a week ago but it’s not hurrying. Maybe it’s taking in all the sights while sending me infrequent little postcards along the way. Three nights ago it told me it had left home and was ‘in transit’. I said excitedly to Mum, “do you feel it barrelling through the night?” and she said, “I can’t claim to have that much empathy with it.”

The next day she said we could go out shopping, and I said I wasn’t sure whether or not the parcel would arrive… it wasn’t supposed to get there till the day after, but that’s usually what happens. “How close will it be?” I enquired, and Mum said “I don’t know! Why don’t you open the door and look down the road?”

As it happens, I went out to town and the parcel didn’t come.

This morning I’m a little ‘hungover’ after the virus, but better. I checked in with the parcel and it had left me a note to say it was in the general area and was planning to pop in. I ran downstairs in great excitement and said “I can feel it coming!” I came upstairs to start typing this, and there was a battering at the door. It’s arrived.

Say hello to my new 1TB LaCie drive. It’s better travelled than me. It’s going to do back-ups (time machine style) of my desktop wallpapers and blog posts, so wish it luck.