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Answering a Writing Challenge II

Part II of a writing challenge by Elizabeth at 1sojournal:

I hear: nothing… just a vague rumble. I can feel the house buzzing under my feet; it feels as though a wind is hitting the side of the house and getting underneath the floorboards. But it could be pipes or the water tank… I don’t know.

I removed my hearing aids because my ears were tired. Sometimes they get sore and I have to rest them for a day or two.

If Mum comes in behind me and wants my attention, she will stamp on the floor or thump the desk so that I feel the vibrations.

I regret: breaking things. Hurting feelings. Mishearing or misunderstanding things, or expressing myself poorly, especially when it leads to missed opportunities.

I always: support myself when going downstairs. When you live with cats, it’s sensible to be prepared!

I cry: as privately as possible. I hate funerals for that reason… I will never go to anyone’s funeral ever again if I can avoid it… but I will find my own way of remembering people. I read about those who fear people won’t come to their own funerals, and I don’t understand at all. I wouldn’t care. I will have escaped!

I don’t always: know what’s going on. In fact that’s such an understatement it’s almost funny. You miss cues and information about what everyone is doing and where they’re going. You wait for people to say goodbye to each other so that you can say goodbye too at the right moment. You wave when everyone surges forwards, only for the conversation to continue… or for those people to reappear (seemingly as arranged) at the next place. Then people finally leave, rushing off just as you’re looking the other way.

I fight: when I’m angry.

I write: more than I speak.

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Long Past My Bedtime

Will post this tomorrow when I’m thinking straight – zzz. Meme pinched from Geosomin – somewhat edited as I’m sleepy!

1. What’s the meaning of life?

Oh! I had that all figured out the other night, but I’ve gone and forgotten.

2. You’ve climbed a really steep hill. What’s the best way to get back down?

Frantically clutching every grass tussock on the way.

4. How many hats do you own?

Let’s see…

1 — Cute floppy denim bonnet with poppits to clip back the brim at one side or the other.
2 — Snug black fleece winter hat with under-the-chin ties (and pom-poms).
3 — Strange cylindrical fleece hat with no ties or poppits.
4 — Thick furry Russian-looking head band (it’s a sort of hat).
5 — Wide brown waterproof dryasabone hat from Australia – being worn by one of Mum’s bears.

Five hats.

I don’t actually wear any of them – they make my hearing aids squeak.

7. Do you like beans?

Yes – slightly less sure about broad beans, but I don’t reject them.

8. On toast?

Baked beans are not the only kind of beans, you know! I went completely off the tinned variety when I bought a bad batch. The tin was full of far more ‘glut’ than sauce or beans. The white-clear ‘glut’ was lying sluggishly at the bottom of the tin, and I felt so ill I didn’t have any supper that night. Now when I see a tin of baked beans, I can’t face it any more – and this is years after! I was watching Anne Frank’s Diary, so I connect the two forevermore…. baked beans and Anne Frank living in an attic.

9. You’re walking somewhere, and your shoelace is undone. There’s only a short way to go. Do you stop in the street and tie your lace, or do you hope no-one notices and that you don’t trip?

I walk very carefully – and haven’t fallen down yet. Smuggity smug… it takes serious ice (and a downhill slope) to make me fall. Whoops… forgot about the gremlins.

10. A huge demon-monster thing is about to vaporise your home, but being the reasonable type he says you can keep one room. Which room would you keep?

Computer room. I would be able to send SOS messages, then surf the internet till someone comes. (Unless all the wires were vaporized). At least then the cat and I would still be here, as the computer room is where we both are, with the box of chocolates.

11. Given that god is infinite, and that space is also infinite… Would you like a toasted teacake?

I’m not sure what a toasted teacake IS. Is it English?

12. Which song would you like played at your funeral?

I don’t want a funeral. I want people to remember me in their own different ways. Maybe have a memorial-blogathon… “X is what I liked about Diddums… Diddums had such a great sense of humour! Who got Jolly the Trolley? If no-one else has the Primark ted, can I have him?”

You could play the music mentioned in my blog posts on your CD-players (or record players). ‘White Flag’ by Dido shows up frequently – also ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ by Roxy Music. And don’t forget UB40, OMD, Neil Diamond and Runrig – they’re very important. You could do far worse than Runrig’s ‘Going Home’.

14. You’re in the Big Brother house. How many weeks would you last before you’re voted out?

I am? When did that happen…? I would be astonished if I stayed half a week.

20. You’re due to meet someone, but they’re not there yet. What do you do? And don’t say ‘wait’ because that’s just boring.

Order my cappuccino and look at the scribbles in my neon pink notebook. Stare out the café window at the traffic and the seagulls, and watch discreetly as yet another customer leaves the door cracked open so that one of the staff has to go and shut it. And yes, I was a major culprit till I realized the door wasn’t shutting properly by itself…

22. Who’s going to have Christmas Number 1?

A real Christmas Number 1, with mistletoe, tinsel, sherry and snow? Nobody. 🙂

25. If you were a ghost, who would you go and spook first?

Nobody – I would choose someone I loved, and float around sadly while they made supper and fed the cats. They would never know I was there.

Comments for this entry (during its previous life on Blogigo):

1. Geosomin wrote at Apr 22, 2007 at 02:23: You know what Christmas Number 1 is?
Oh do tell..i feel as though I should know.

I think a teacake is an english muffin…I could be wrong.

I really like the idea of a bloguneral (see how I blended blog and funeral seemlesly there? yeah…). I get the feeling it would be more honest. But as a ghost you could come too. I think it’d be nice to be a friendly ghost and be able to help people find things they’ve lost , or maybe make them muffins and leave them sitting on the table for a late Sunday breakfast?

2. Diddums wrote at Apr 22, 2007 at 04:04: Christmas Number One is the song that heads the charts over Christmas – the one that’s firmly in that spot on Christmas Day, I assume.

Bloguneral – less of a mouthful! To some extent I guess people already put oblits on their blogs, informally.

I think I would enjoy being the nice helpful kind of ghost – but can imagine playing the odd prank as well. I wonder if ghosts can get into cyberspace.

3. Pacian wrote at Apr 22, 2007 at 12:18: “Strange cylindrical fleece hat with no ties or poppits.”

Also put on a red jacket, then stand guard outside Buckingham palace.

4. Diddums wrote at Apr 22, 2007 at 13:05: Unfortunately that won’t work, as it’s not black – it’s a mushroom colour. 😀