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Soapy Satsumas

I wash groceries ordered from the local supermarket but don’t know why I bothered soaping these satsumas. These are the type everyone would leave on the shelf if they were in the store and saw them. Green, yellow, bruised and yet not old. I don’t blame the supermarket itself for sending us these, but the individuals who picked them out showed serious lack of judgement. I tried one and it tasted as pale as it looked — had to be discarded. Mum shrugged and said it’s the risk we take.

Another thing that annoys me is the charge for the plastic bags used by the supermarket for our deliveries. There’s no option other than to find another outlet that doesn’t use plastic bags when delivering to us. I thought the main point of this type of tax was to put people off obtaining plastic bags, not to gouge those who aren’t given another option… a captive clientele.

I sound in a worse mood than I actually am but when I got into writing this my irritation resurfaced! Actually, it’s a bit worse than irritation, more like fury.

Today was very rainy but we had coffee in the garden… in the new gazebo Mum bought. One of the cats sat in there with us while the clouds burst all around. A neighbour dripped up his driveway and didn’t see us, though I waved through the gazebo window. He had no idea we were there.

The whole thing is surreal. In normal times we wouldn’t have thought of buying a tent and sitting in our garden in the rain, but the cat seemed to think it was a fine idea, if a bit weird.

Haven’t been in a shop since early March, with the single exception of a garden centre. Am starting to remember certain places very close to us as though they were in my distant past. I look at the cash in my bag and worry that it might be out of date and unusable now. I don’t like paying by card as I can never remember the code, and I don’t like shopping online in case of fraud… if this becomes a cashless society, that will be a nightmare.

I don’t know, is there anything else to talk about other than the current situation? Even the peely-wally satsumas are connected.

Another blogger was recently writing about being unable to focus on anything, even his books. In the comments someone said many people are feeling this ‘malaise’, and I thought “that’s exactly the right word! Malaise!”

It’s more than cabin fever; it’s frustration with everything that’s wrong while impacting us a lot. You start to wonder if anything is worth doing any more.


I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Soapy Satsumas

  1. We’ve been doing our grocery shopping online, too, and at first it was wonderful. Lately, though, I see the online prices are slightly higher than the in-store prices, and our choices are dwindling.

    Coffee in a gazebo on a rainy autumn day sounds wonderful! I envy you that!

    1. It was cosier than I expected! But now we are keeping an anxious eye out for high winds and storms, as we don’t want it sailing off into the sunset. 🌬⛺

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