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Disappeared WordPress Posts

I noticed something odd in WordPress Reader today. I was trying to catch up with blogs I follow, and realized a recent post I expected to find wasn’t showing up. I looked directly at the dates, and there was an unexplained gap between ‘1 day ago’ and 6 Aug 2018. Today is Aug 11, so what happened to all the posts in between?

Even stranger, I left it for a few hours to make supper and clean around the house, then went back into Reader thinking it might have fixed itself. Placidly browsing my way down the feed, I noticed I’d already reached posts from 4 Aug! The 6 Aug posts that were in Reader earlier aren’t there any more.

Usually there’s a ‘load more posts’ button, but that’s not appearing.

I guess… it might not be Reader’s fault. My iPad is really struggling for space. Perhaps the WordPress app has been directed by my iPad to deliberately not collect more than a certain number of posts, and has also been deleting some of what was already in the cache. I must make more serious efforts to clear out a lot of the stuff that’s on this thing!

Some fun for this evening… sigh.



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