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One thing that’s been unsettling me lately is the size of my blog. It goes back years, and my younger self has written things I might not agree with any more. I don’t know what’s there other than the most popular few (e.g. iMovie Glitches) so it seems sensible to go through everything, delete the dross, then change the blog back to the public setting. Yesterday I considered throwing it open anyway, having got over a bit of tension in my own life, but the mere fact I did this without warning — twice, not just once — shows it’s time I got on with the editing work. It’s staying hidden for the time being but hopefully I’ll get through the work reasonably quickly. “If in doubt, throw it out” should be a good mantra. 🙂



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. I can understand that.

    I typically tag my personal posts, then delete them after a few weeks. Anyone that goes through my archives will mostly find excerpts from whatever book I happened to be reading and whatever quote struck me at the time.

    1. Food for thought, thank you! I will look especially at personal posts, though I might keep a few if they are likely to be beneficial or amusing to others. I should keep editing and rewriting once the blog is back online. I rather like the idea of deleting a post that was badly written but at the same time rewriting and reposting it if I liked the basic idea. This blog isn’t dead yet…

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