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Eurovision Song Contest 2018: one Scot’s viewpoint

The full results from the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Grand Final can be found here — 26 entries in total.

I’ve had time to re-assess, and my placings have shuffled round a little. The following six are my top favourites of all the grand finalists:

  1. DenmarkHigher Ground” Rasmussen (Grand Final Result: 9)
  2. BulgariaBones” Equinox (Grand Final Result: 14)
  3. IrelandTogether” Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Grand Final Result: 16)
  4. MoldovaMy Lucky Day” DoReDoS (Grand Final Result: 10)
  5. ItalyNon Mi Avete Fatto Niente” Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro (Grand Final Result: 5)
  6. FinlandMonsters” Saara Aalto (Grand Final Result: 25)

My choices haven’t matched well with the final results! I do like a bit of drama in my music… Hungary came in at 7th place for me (21st in the Grand Final results). Ukraine wasn’t too far off either, with the burning stairs, and Australia was my 8. 🙂 Lucky magic number.

I absolutely loved the Danish Vikings, and the whipping wind with the blizzard. You could almost feel the cold.

Talking of drama, some took place during the show. SuRie had a stage invader who seized her microphone in the middle of her performance. We didn’t see the scene on TV, and I wondered later if we got an edited version with the invasion chopped out. It’s more likely we were only half paying attention and assumed all figures running about the stage were supposed to be there. At any rate, we had no idea what Graham Norton (our commentator) was talking about! Confusing to say the least.

I found myself thinking that nobody would have dared to dash on stage when the Vikings were in charge of it — the fellow would have come a cropper.

I liked the performance by the winner, Israel – ‘Toy’ by Netta — though not the song so much. Its happy-go-lucky vibe felt absolutely right for the Eurovision. My mother’s favourite was the German entry (‘You Let Me Walk Alone‘), but that was too sad for me — I couldn’t bear to watch it.

Cyprus was second this year. Despite the title (Fuego) I didn’t warm to the song — nor did Graham Norton, who said it was ‘standard Eurovision fare’. He also (ahem) failed to understand why people were so attracted to Moldova… same as I was, I guess. 🙂 Moldova sounded really good through my soundbar when I watched the semi-final, but the magic wore off after that… I’m not sure why. I wasn’t using the soundbar during the Grand Final when my mother was watching, so maybe the sound was too flat and tinny.

When Hungary was about to come on, somebody (I assume Graham Norton — I was depending on subtitles!) said if you have any pets or sensitive older folk around you, take them out into the garden till the next entry finished, as it’s heavy metal with lots of strobe lighting. I couldn’t help laughing out loud, and my mother frowned and pointed to herself.

I can’t remember any of my top favourites going on to win, at least not in recent years. I still have hope. At any rate, Eurovision 2018 is done and dusted now… so roll on Eurovision 2019!



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5 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2018: one Scot’s viewpoint

  1. I agree with you about your favourite – Denmark it was for me too. Apparently with the disruption for the UK entry (which I liked), our Aussie commentator made some remark which JK Rowling picked up on and tweeted, which made his day! I think if Australia ever do win (not likely) it would be held in a European city the following year, probably London. That’s what I’ve been reading. Great fun! Look forward to next year 🙂

    1. It would be hosted in London instead of Australia? Disappointing! I saw that remark about the stage invasion from your commentator. 🙂 I’ve been reading a few other blogs on the Eurovision, and it’s amazing how Denmark comes up again and again. One blogger didn’t understand why the juries kept voting up the Swedish entry (and Austria) while largely ignoring Denmark… that’s how I felt.

      1. When I think about it, the logistics if Eurovision was live here would be enormous. Europe would be the ones having to get up at 5am to watch and vote live for a start. 😉 That’s interesting so many others also liked Denmark. It seems very political, beyond my comprehension. Still, loved watching the finalists and winning’s not everything. I suspect now the novelty has worn off with Australia being in it, in future we’ll be relegated to coming much further down the list. It’s been nice to share viewpoints across the globe anyway. 🙂

      2. In YouTube, nearly every song has comments saying “this should have won — we were robbed!” A lot of people not pleased. Australia puts in consistently enjoyable entries and will probably win some time soon. Anyway, it was great to find another Eurovision fan!

      3. Such a shame it has left people feeling that way. I reposted a blog written before the finals which I found very good. He lives in the UK. Look forward to a robust discussion next year. 🙂

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