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Eurovision 2018 Semi-Final Two: thoughts

My top six songs from the Eurovision second semi-final:

  • Moldova “My Lucky Day” DoReDos
  • Denmark “Higher Ground” Rasmussen
  • Australia “We Got Love” Jessica Mauboy
  • Norway “That’s How You Write A Song” Alexander Rybak
  • Ukraine “Under the Ladder” Melovin
  • Hungary “Viszlat Nyar” AWS

All six made it into the finals, along with four others! I’m not usually that lucky with my choices, but it was a good show. All ten semi-finalists for tonight are given here.

I was amused because I don’t think Hungary expected to get in… they zoned out and barely noticed the announcement. 😛

The top two I listed are stunning… they will be hard to beat. However, they kept talking about Cyprus, which somehow I didn’t rate highly, so I’m wondering what I missed. Maybe I’ll like it better when I hear it again on Saturday — sometimes happens. I was like that with the last two or three Eurovision winners.

Everybody keeps hoping Australia will win so that they can all go over there. Eventually it will (maybe this coming weekend?) and all of Europe will celebrate and start buying summer clothes and sun tan lotion.

I’ve heard the French song now too, and I like that — good beat.

Looking forward to Saturday!



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12 thoughts on “Eurovision 2018 Semi-Final Two: thoughts

  1. Looking forward to watching semi-final 2 tonight. I’ll be taking special notice of your top songs. (Didn’t make the 5am start this morning, but saw a preview of Jessica’s performance on a breakfast show.) I hadn’t thought of that implication if Australia wins! Last night on tv, an Aussie chef of Asian background visited various locations where there are Eurovision strongholds (there are lots of parties here too!) as he is going to have a big Eurovision party and was gathering traditional recipes from 2nd generation Aussies from Norway, Greece, Israel (another blow-in like us) etc. Have you seen Canada’s ad with Ryan Reynolds trying to get in to Eurovision? Very funny 😉

    1. I saw something in YouTube by Deadpool about Canada — that was funny! To Australia’s chef; sounds like a serious food party with a groaning buffet table. 🙂 I made an interesting recipe just yesterday that feels anything but modern, but maybe more of that in a blog post. Hope you enjoy semi-final 2!

      1. The crepes look good, though there are ingredients I’ve never heard of. Bubbly and chips sounds a little easier. 🙂 I saw a bag of Doritos in the snack drawer… that might do for the big final.

      2. Yes I liked the crepes too. I didn’t put Cheezels but if you have Doritos you probably also have them. When I put “chips” I remembered too late, it’s “crisps” in the UK. Anyway you seemed to know what I meant. Not sure if I’ll be up at 5am for the Grand Final, I want to be able to vote. I did like the Vikings from Denmark. 🙂 But Jessica is good with the crowd, such a beautiful soul. 🙂

      3. I hope you enjoy it when you see it… just waiting for it to start in about ten minutes from now. I’m thirsty and also full after supper, so changed mind about Doritos. We will have fruit, water, mini chocolate eggs and juice. 🙂 I’ve not heard of Cheezels. 🙂 I hope Jessica does well!

      4. I was up in time to see all the results coming through. I read about the disruption to the UK performance! Our commentators said Jess did a good performance, I’ll watch tonight. Your snacks sound nice, I had porridge and a cuppa. 🙂 So Israel next year…Were you happy with how your favourites did?

      5. I know this sounds terrible, but I didn’t even notice the disruption — nor did my mother! Yes, Jessica was brilliant — Graham Norton said it was the best performance he’s seen her do, and she should have fared better in the voting.

  2. “Were you happy with how your favourites did?” Not under the juries, but under the public voting they did much better. 🙂 Also mixed up with several I didn’t like so much. It was a good show though… I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I watched the show late last night on catch-up. I’m not surprised any more about the UK getting no votes from any of the juries. I sat in a cafe in Germany with work last year, and overheard the conversation on the next table – between a group from several different countries – and they were all bashing the UK for all sorts of reasons. That being said, I thought the differences between the juries and the public in the results last night make having the juries at all pretty ridiculous.

    1. That’s pretty depressing about the UK-bashing. I was saying just now that it doesn’t matter who sings a song; if I like it, I root for it to win. I worried the public vote might throw it off, but now I’m wondering if it isn’t the jury vote that did. :-P.

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