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Changing a Post

I wonder how many bloggers change or delete posts in the days following publication? I’m not always happy with what I have written, but tend to think “it’s published now; forget it and start a new one.” Today I made an exception and deleted sections of my last post, which I felt rambled on too long.

The process wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked.

I write blog posts in an iPad app (not Pages or Word) and paste them into the WordPress app. I stopped keeping the original drafts because sometimes I make minor changes afterwards so the original drafts are no longer accurate. It seems like too much work to go back and correct them, so now I just assume they should be scrapped.

It’s the first time I’ve tried copying text from the WordPress app back to the wordprocessing app, and my attempts to do this were failing. I discovered I could paste it into Mail… had to re-copy it from Mail before I could finally paste it into the wordprocessing app.

Strange carry-on.

It also copies line formatting that I don’t want; I’m not sure I can override that. Fortunately I was only wanting to keep a copy of the original post in case I later changed my mind, so, having stored that, I just edited the post right where it was in WordPress, and updated. No faffing about with line spaces or reinserting links.

Thinking about it, it probably wasn’t transferring to the other app because what I was pasting wasn’t text but HTML?

My worst habit as a blogger is a refusal to re-read posts after publication, even to check. I would prefer to close my eyes and forget… lalalalalala. Having pruned my last post, though, I feel a lot better — must do this more often. 😀



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7 thoughts on “Changing a Post

  1. I’m at the other extreme. I am the King of the re-edit. 😀

    I write everything in notepad, then cut-and-paste. I do best with a blank, uncluttered slate. I usually put it in the queue for the next day, and it’s the rare post that doesn’t have a change or two before it’s published.

    And my political posts usually get deleted after a day or two. Politics is divisive, and I eventually decide that my two-cents aren’t worth the stress they may cause.

    1. I used to keep posts for a day or two and would usually find something to change, but I’ve been in more of a hurry lately. 🙂 Not sure it’s a good thing.

      True, politics can divide, but also pulls people together and gives you a bigger sense of where you are in history. That’s something I discovered with amazement in 2016. 🙂 It’s stressful and dangerous, but there’s something beyond it that’s healing to tap into.

      This was a mini blog post… it took me ages to write!

  2. I always write everything out in WordPress and save it as a draft if I’m not ready to publish. I have a bad habit of not proofreading thoroughly before I publish because I always find mistakes after I’ve already published. Are you using or .org?

    1. 🙂 Those typos can be so sneaky! I use I should probably do the same as you, write directly into WordPress and save as a draft. Trouble is, I live in fear of hitting ‘publish’ by accident! Read too many scare stories about emails that actually got sent when they were just being used to relieve the sender’s feelings. Typing my posts in a different app removes me from that risk.

      1. Yeah, I understand now that I think back to when I used the app. I’ve published something from my iphone on accident that I didn’t finish and I only knew about it because I received a like on it. Haha So now I do all my writing through the website on my Macbook where “Save” and “Publish” are on opposite sides. It’s more user friendly too.

    2. Similar, but I am too quick to click publish straight into WordPress, then have to go back so many times to edit that sometimes it asks me if I want to “restore previous version”. I’m trying to be better at saving as a draft to check for mistakes 😉

      1. :-P. Sometimes I look at the preview before finally publishing, but haven’t bothered with that recently! Mostly just if I’ve put a picture in, or bullet points.

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