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“Don’t Change For Anyone”

A couple of years ago, I said something to someone that I later thought a little aggressive, though unintentionally so. I apologized, saying it wasn’t like me to use such phrasing, and he said it was fine… “don’t ever change for anyone.”

I took that as politely expressed agreement that it wasn’t my sort of thing! Whatever he meant, his comment occasionally returns to my mind. Should I change who I am, what I do, how I talk, to suit others?

This isn’t a question to the outside world. Without context, a response would be too black and white… but in the way I mean it, knowing my own good intentions, I realize I shouldn’t.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on ““Don’t Change For Anyone”

  1. I think we tend to do this unintentionally sometimes, especially with people we love and care about…don’t we? Underneath the pretense that we want make them happy, and also because it makes us happy that they are happy. If that makes sense? Sometimes change is necessary, especially if it’s meant to better ourselves.

    In terms of personality though, I believe we are who we are, and that’s one time where I feel it’s okay to say you won’t change for anyone…😊

    1. Thanks for the friendly words, Z. 🙂 When change is really needed, I usually recognize it. But you just know when you can’t change and shouldn’t conform — and this is one of those times, for me.

  2. It’s difficult, isn’t it – sometimes speaking out is seen as strong, and single minded – sometimes it is seen as obstinate, and thoughtless. I’m pretty sure everybody struggles with this. I know as I get older, I try to avoid being involved in as much as possible purely so I don’t have to make judgements lol

    1. “I try to avoid being involved in as much as possible purely so I don’t have to make judgements lol”

      I’m often glad I don’t have to make all the big decisions then get shouted at by the media. 😛

      Anyway, you’re right… sometimes it seems black and white when it’s not really. It can be a bit of both, like with me and my mysterious grumbles… so Z is right too… hey, Z. :-).

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