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My iPad Has Found a Voice

Anker speaker and birthday cardMy birthday was some time ago, but there was a palaver with computer speakers having to be sent back. This is a little bluetooth one for the iPad that I chose instead. My sister ordered it in a lightning deal… it was 100% claimed in no time at all, but she was able to bag it when someone else let it go (thank you).

Now I’ve made it all blurry and coloured and you can’t even see it properly…

Truth to tell, I’m not sure why I’m telling the blogosphere about this, except that I’ve never heard anything from the iPad clearly… my hearing is too poor, and usually someone else has to tell me it’s playing sounds I wasn’t aware of.

There should be a way of muting it for good so it *never* does anything like that, and this particular lack in the iPad’s design makes me angry.

Now, I didn’t get a speaker for the iPad just so I would know to turn it off… that wouldn’t work anyway if it turns itself off after a spell without audio. No… I got it because I thought it might be nice to hear things on my iPad for a change, especially some of the tracks I bought.

It’s a lovely little speaker but it becomes a nexus of intense vibration when playing. Would you pick it up mid-song? I’m afraid to!

I was very happy when The Pachelbel Canon came on. Soothing, and a lovely birthday present, thank you. πŸ™‚



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “My iPad Has Found a Voice

  1. Hi Delilah! I followed your blog a long while back when I used to blog under “Ms. Jolly Blogger.” I signed in very recently and decided to try blogging again. I went under my reader to see who is still active on my list, and see that you are still blogging after all these years! That’s great!

    Anyway, just stopping by to say hello! Hopefully I can get back into the blogging “groove.”

    What iPad do you have, if I may ask? I have the Pro, and I find that the sound quality is pretty clear, even without a speaker. When I put the volume up all the way, I can hear it from way across the house. Granted, I have a small house though, so I don’t know how helpful that tidbit really is, hehe.

    Good to see you, again! πŸ™‚

    1. Brilliant to hear from you! I so much miss the old crowd. I think I went silent first, but though I still don’t blog regularly, I keep more of an eye on it now, and blog occasionally. The iPad definitely helps with that, because then the blog is just right there, like a paperback on the table.

      I hope you find the same thing and do a little more blogging — your iPad will make a difference.

      Mine is quite old — iPad 4 Retina. It’s about to fall off Apple’s support wagon, if it hasn’t already? Would be good to think newer iPads have stronger voices, though an external speaker really makes a difference.

      Great to hear from you… I hope you will continue to visit! πŸ™‚

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