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Another Barrel of Songs

Bought four more 59p songs from iTunes. In no particular order:

Budapest — George Ezra
Good song… maybe a little croony, but the vocals are clear.

Home Again — Michael Kiwanuka
Didn’t put it on my original list, then wondered what the song in my head was! Had to scrabble through the likeliest of the 50-plus songs on iTunes to find it again, and it was near the end. Typical…

Bad Blood — Ryan Adams
Heard the Taylor Swift version last summer and liked it then. Being older and less into ‘boppy’, this one’s more my style. 🙂

Wonderwall — Ryan Adams
EDIT: Nearly didn’t buy it, but it’s good. Perhaps a little ‘fey’ for me, and by that I mean barely hanging onto the world of the living.

I said earlier that Wonderwall is my favourite of the four, but I was wrong… More and more, it’s Home Again. Tune, voice, lyrics, soul — it stays in my mind for a reason.

EDIT 2: Or then again, I’m swinging back to Wonderwall. I don’t know why I seem to experience the songs differently every time I listen.

Wandered back in to iTunes and found another: Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters). I don’t fancy linking to the video (!) but I love that kind of song.



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2 thoughts on “Another Barrel of Songs

    1. I hope you like them! Sometimes a song will take a little while to grow on you, especially if it’s a style you don’t normally listen to. Must have left behind a few I would have grown into eventually but only gave them half a go, or less… oh well, never mind. 🙂

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