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One Stupid Thing Less…

….I changed my ‘display name’ from Diddums to Delilah. So if you start getting comments from ‘Delilah’, don’t let it confuse you! It’s only my girl cat. If I’d realized it was so easy to change, I would have done it ages ago.


After the demise of Google Reader, I was left without a way of receiving posts from non-WordPress blogs. Not to worry though; I put several RSS feeds on my Flipboard app…. it turns recent posts into something like a magazine.


I’ve spent most of the night this way, catching up on Mary Beard’s blog A Don’s Life.

We enjoyed her programmes so much we bought three of her books a while back. In one of her blog posts I felt as though I’d found another answer to my dilemma over the past few days. She explains she can’t leave Twitter because there is more good than bad to be had from it… and anyway “we don’t tend to respond to playground bullies, by leaving the bullies in charge of the playground.”

That is true, and I’m sure my mother said something similar once. For now I’m just enjoying my blog ‘magazines’.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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