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I’ll Be Back

I just wanted to nip in quickly to apologize… I didn’t mean to go quiet as long as I did, but life caught up with me! First of all we went on holiday for the first time in years, which really interrupted my blogging and correspondence, and when I came home there was lots of paperwork, file reorganization and other loose ends to deal with. There are still some things I need to do, but the worst project for taking up time this month is NaNoWriMo!

That sounds a grudging thing for me to say about something so important from a ‘life experience’ point of view. It’s amazing that I’m finally writing some sort of book, even if it’s more of a ‘practice book’ than anything else.

Anyway, I am well behind… there’s a minimum word count I’m supposed to have achieved by the end of each day. That took a nose-dive on Day 3 when (1) I found myself sorting out someone’s laptop; (2) noticing things in the story that didn’t make sense. It was enough to make me stop short and think. I know we’re supposed to just write and write, and then maybe the ideas will come, but I only typed about 13 pages using that method, then ran into a wall. I couldn’t make my fingers keep on typing.

At one point I wrote about ‘an unmended fence’, and noticed the wavery red line under ‘unmended’. One online dictionary and my Microsoft Works dictionary told me that though ‘untended’ is acceptable, ‘unmended’ isn’t even a word. Yet it’s everywhere on the internet… nobody says it’s wrong, and it feels normal enough. Odd. I suppose I could change it to ‘a broken-down fence’, but the whole point I’m trying to make is that it’s neglected and nobody has repaired it. I could always add a bit saying “it looked as though it had been broken for a while and nobody had been round to fix it(!)” which would add a little padding to my word count! But it seems a bit of a palaver to go to just to explain something that the nice simple word ‘unmended’ would at least imply.

Similar niggles aside, I took a printout of my outline and other notes to bed with me (that’s where I do most of my best thinking!) and after scribbling and plotting and brainstorming, had fresh ideas for the plot… what I’ve written so far is already being turned inside out. There are two or three characters I may even have to erase. But for now maybe I’ll just move things around and add bits and keep writing, and then I can do some of the serious cutting and rewriting after making my final word count at the end of the month. 🙂 Fingers crossed. I do feel better now that I worked things out a bit more.

Meanwhile I thought it would be unfair to go silent for a whole extra month without letting you know… I’ve been missing you all, and I’ll be back.



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5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back

  1. I hope you completed your ‘book’! I did Nanowrimo last year and quite enjoyed it. I wouldn’t take any notice of a word program’s dictionary – they’re not very comprehensive and are American-centric. I ignore their suggestions.

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