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Kindle Waffle

We meant to go to the supermarket this morning, but the car refused to start. Mum says the battery has gone flat (again). We don’t use it enough!

When I was glancing at my list of old Kindle purchases on Amazon, it said there was an update available for one of the ebooks. Any notes and highlights I made on that particular book would be wiped out… but I don’t care about that. I can always put them back in!

I’ve seen people saying on a Kindle forum that they are sometimes offered these ebook upgrades… but I don’t think I was notified about mine by email. I should check the full list of purchases in case there are other offers!

Mum has apparently been going crazy watching me share many happy hours with my Kindle, because she suddenly announced that she wanted one too. Instead of sitting around waiting for one to arrive through the post, she bought a Kindle Touch from Argos. (Reminds me of the Argos advert… she’ll be the one darting brightly through the door with Argos bags, while my house of cards tumbles down about my ears).

She wanted to make the font larger, as she can’t read very well in bed. It took us both a little time to find out where Amazon had put the font sizes… it’s right there on mine, but harder to find on hers.  Anyway, it’s all sorted now.

She seems to be reading Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death. Maybe I should do all the cooking for a while…



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2 thoughts on “Kindle Waffle

  1. I know what you mean. My Dad kindly gave me a bit of $$ as a graduation gift so I have gotten an iPad, and am now looking for ebooks and an ereader to add to it. Tough to decide…I am most excited at having an online recipe robot that I cannot get flour into the keys of 🙂

  2. The iPad sounds exciting! I have downloaded some free eBooks from Project Gutenberg, as well as Amazon. I keep a recipe database in Bento… I can print out a recipe and pin it up in the kitchen. 🙂

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