The Three I Remember Best

Somehow I couldn’t get interested in the Olympics this year, but I suppose I never could, no matter where they were held! I don’t think this is any kind of contrariness, as I’ve never been particularly interested in sports. I liked show jumping, but that was all. My three favourite show jumpers (from the 70s and 80s) were Ryan’s Son, Claret, and Hydrophane Coldstream.

I was amazed to find the following YouTube videos of them, and got horribly nostalgic…

Ryan’s Son: the handsome one with wide blaze and exuberant buck.

Claret: the beautiful little horse with rapid style.

Hydrophane Coldstream: the brilliant one. 🙂

I’ve mentioned all three of them before on this blog: 20 Things Meme. I called myself a negative wood snake (always felt like one!) Some things never change… Anyway, if you like memes or answering questions, you’re welcome to take that one up on your own blog.


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