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We were unlucky with our connection recently. First of all I thought our broadband connection was down for some reason, and it was two days before we discovered the phone line itself was down! While I was stamping around moving furniture to get at the cables freely, jiggling plugs and swapping lines and splitters, my mother was playing cards on her laptop, thinking “ah, peace! Nobody phoning me asking me for things….”

If I’d known no calls were coming in, I would have put two and two together, but I assumed it was business as usual.

Anyway, when my sister complained about an engaged tone and an automated male voice telling her to hang up, BT got on the act very quickly, and sorted it out… you keep hearing horror stories about how such issues get dragged out and fought over, but BT were here and sorting out the fault almost before we could say ‘Jack Robinson’. The engineer said the fault lay with something in the junction box, and was ‘comparatively rare’.

It was lovely to be able to get back online again, and all the things I was desperate to do ON THE INTERNET suddenly became of less importance, and I put them all on the back burner again, and just relaxed and played in Photoshop! It was like my cat’s attitude to my cheese… it was nice just to know I had the option.

Till the next morning, when I checked my email, and nothing happened….. we were offline again!!

I picked up my mobile phone (rusting through lack of use) meaning to send a text message to my sister, and found one already waiting for me… she said her phone and internet were both down. It was a relief to know it was something more general, and probably nothing to do with our original fault. We were offline most of the day… we would get in for a few minutes, and then ‘boom!’ it was gone again.

It’s holding steady now, but for a while I didn’t trust it at all! I had no intention of buying anything, for instance, till I knew it wasn’t going to suddenly duck out from under me mid-payment. Anyway, it reminds me not to take these things for granted. 🙂



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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