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Well, we read a few how-tos and watched a couple of videos, and they made it look so easy… a few gentle taps, and it falls open.

I tapped it, smashed it, and weevilled at it with a corkscrew. Nothing. Mum finally got it open after launching herself at it with a heavy hammer and a wild scream. At least we can eat it now…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

11 thoughts on “Coconut

  1. Yeah, I can never get them to open either. 🙂 They make it look so easy. I usually end up smashing it into a zillion little pieces, while my friend has the knack of opening hers in half every time. Grr…

    1. Personally, I suspect it was the way Mum grabbed the coconut by the scruff and marched it to the shed (where the hammer was). It sent chills up my spine!

  2. I love this! Haven’t been feeling well. It’s after five in the morning, still have to sleep, but found myself on a meandering path that led me here to an ornery coconut, a hammer, and one hell of a determined mother. Thank you. I think I can sleep now. I’m still chuckling,


    1. I hope you’re feeling better now! I had a go today at the second coconut… was thinking about blogging about that, as the Facebook rant I was going to publish fell through. 😦

    1. I remember a friend using a little saw as well. Though I think that time he wanted the shells for jirds to play with, so the halves had to be neat. 🙂

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