Garden Puzzle

A few days ago we caught part of the Chelsea Flower Show on TV. I grumbled to Mum that TV subtitles have a habit of putting the wrong word, then are interrupted by a correction even when the mistake was easy to guess. You wish it would just get on with it, as it seems slow enough already.

I spoke too soon! During an interview with Stephanie Cole, she said (according to the subtitles), “my garden is quite of Excise.” I’m still trying to work out what that meant!


3 responses

  1. I use the subtitles too and get frustrated with the translation. it is amazing how many times it’s just a mess of letters.

    1. It’s a slow business, isn’t it… maybe one day they will invent better subtitle technology! Fingers crossed…

      1. I’m lucky enough to be able to hear if there is no background noise, but this is impossible when you do not live alone. I try to be patient with those captions, but some days….. 🙂

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