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Spring-Cleaning My Blog

Still spring-cleaning…

I’ve been weeding out my mailbox. I found a lot of unread Daily Post emails, but have been reading through them as I delete; making notes of some of the tips and suggestions. They did inspire a few more blog posts out of me last year than I would otherwise have managed, so I knew the potential value of them!

I’m only partway through the task but have already put a new badge in my sidebar (‘I’m part of Post A Week 2012’)… better late than never! If you click on the badge, it will take you to WordPress’s  Daily Post page.

I have also set Google Reader to appear whenever I fire up my browser. I used to do that before, but for a long time it’s been displaced by other sites.

Reading the Daily Posts have got me dusting off my blog again, thinking about the posts I could write… thank you to the staff there. I don’t know if I can keep blogging even once a week, but would like very much to get back into the swing of it.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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