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Slight Disruption

Was unable to get into my blog last night… some other sites failed as well, but I was able to get into yet others. Must have been something to do with my ISP. I kept getting email notifications about an ongoing discussion on a forum that I wanted to read, but I couldn’t get in!

I whiled away the time by searching for a new ISP, but I haven’t found one that’s at all satisfactory. They cost too much, have too many unwelcome stipulations (e.g. routers you don’t want), have too long a contract, offer too low a download limit, don’t appear to have good customer service, etc etc… at the top of the ISP review site should be a sign: “abandon hope, all ye who enter here!”

Had a short break from Middlemarch while my Kindle recharged. I could have read it while it was recharging, but that would have chained me to my desktop. I picked up a paperback (Homeworld by Harry Harrison) but Middlemarch is my first priority. It would be too infuriating if I stopped at the same spot I broke off at before!

By joining Facebook, I have shaken the resolve of a friend who was determined not to, and now she’s wondering if there’s anything in it for her too. I think it’s a bit of a tiger to have by the tail, but could bring certain benefits. Was going to talk to a cousin about family history.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get into my blog tomorrow… fingers crossed! We haven’t exceeded our download limit, so it’s not that.

I tend to hibernate at this time of year… and just now, the early New Year, is always the worst part. It’s a time when I should be doing this or that, but can’t put my mind to it.

Will potter off now… (Fails to get up from chair).



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4 thoughts on “Slight Disruption

    1. Always been fond of that author! But I think my copy has sat around for ages without being read. Anyway, nearly finished Middlemarch, and then I’ll get back to Homeworld.

  1. Hello 🙂 Glad you’re back!

    My husband put off joining facebook and even when he did he didn’t check the account for the longest time. I got tired of people emailing me and texting me on my facebook and on the cell phone I finally got for travel/emergency to talk to him to get him to contact them. silly.
    Thankfully when I was given an iPhone for my new job he took to it and now has his own. Ah. Peace and quiet again…it’s been very handy for him for his job and now I (and everyone else) can reach him by text during the day, which was not possible before. 🙂
    I’m humming and hawing about getting an ereader. We shall see if I have any $$ left come fall…gives me time to look into the different models and such. Do you like yours? Are there things you’d change? Just curious…

    1. I’ve been very quiet on Facebook too, for the past couple of weeks, but that’s only because I’m waiting for our jazzy new broadband account to kick in! It’s taking longer than I like, and my list of things to do when I get back online grows longer by the day…

      Yes, I love my eReader. 🙂 I do worry that it will break or get lost, but it gives you some freedom. If you want a particular book, you only have to go online to get it (if it has been digitized)… you could have it in minutes, rather than thinking “I’ll have to check the shops and library tomorrow…”

      Then there are the free classics, and some other free or very cheap ebooks (promotional items… I got two free Dana Stabenow books, for instance).

      I love the fact that you can highlight all your favourite passages, and have them show up in your clippings text file. So you don’t have to copy down whatever quotation you liked. (The quotations in my blog post ‘Thoughts on Middlemarch’ were in my clippings file).

      There’s some uncertainty about whether we would have these eBooks forever, as technology and circumstances change, but when I was tossing up whether I would buy a particular eBook for £3 or a charity shop paperback for £2.50, I realized that the paperback would probably go back to the charity shop shortly after I’d read it. (We have no more space!) Whereas the eBook will survive in my archive for a time.

      If I would change anything, it would be to take a closer look at the other eReaders on the market… I keep reading that some eReaders use a more universal format of eBook and so they can be read on different devices… whereas the Kindle format is only viewable on the Kindle (or in Kindle apps). I’m still happy to have it, though, and could always buy other eReaders later. 🙂

      I hope you find one you like. Everyone I know who has a Kindle (or any kind of eReader) is delighted with it… devouring books at the speed of light!

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