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Being and Facebook

I’m halfway through Middlemarch now. It’s like wading through treacle, though a cousin says he read Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre and by the end of it, he still didn’t know what any of it was about. At least Middlemarch isn’t that bad. But, for example, it said something about ‘a small innocent noise as of a tiny timid quadruped’, which I assume is a periphrastic way of saying “squeaked like a mouse”.

You do have to have your brain switched on. Fortunately I read this half of the book before, making a surprising amount of sense out of it (more than I do now!), so I can afford to coast a little.

I finally got dragooned into using the dreaded Facebook and it’s a bewildering world indeed. I thought I could just sit there in my Faceburrow and only talk to three or four family members, but I seem to have befriended others along the way. Facebook isn’t interested in people staying walled off. It says “there are all these people you could be friends with; they know everyone you know!”

It unnerves me how you have friends from the next village talking to your family who live several towns away and have never met. It’s a weird feeling, like mixing curry and cheese.

I suspect the main reason for my finally joining Facebook is that I noticed I could annoy people from my Kindle with highlights, notes, ratings and “I bought this novel on Amazon.” I rather wanted to do that. 🙂 Of course, instead of impressing them with some of the weightier titles I downloaded beforehand, I seem to be going through a Children’s Books phase. So at the moment it’s “I downloaded Five Children and It!” Maybe I should keep quiet till I’m back to George Eliot and her like…

My excuse for downloading A Christmas Angel (if asked) is, “I went looking for Jean-Paul Sartre but got side-tracked.” It’s true, after all…



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5 thoughts on “Being and Facebook

  1. I have to say that I love books like that. It’s an exercise for the mind.

    And we have a similar notion about Facebook as well. I have been able to hold off the friending of people that I have never met a little, but that may change with my blog being linked to it. If it sparks good conversation, great. Otherwise, as you say, it’s kind of strange that you do not have to meet these people. It’s almost as if the computer itself has multiple personnel disorder and is talking to you through them. And I do not mean to make light of MPDs, it’s just a comparison, the other extreme is the people that ask to be friends that you have met, and have the smallest connection to. But on the other hand, it does let you see another side to people that you might not be able to get to know otherwise. So far it’s been positive for me, hope you can say the same.

    1. Hi and thanks! So far Facebook is a good thing (for me). I am talking more to people who were leading ‘other lives’ but it’s nicer to talk to them than not. And as you say, it helps you put them and their lives (and your own) in perspective when you see a little of what else is going on. It also lets us pass messages to someone who’s sitting downstairs.

      I suspect though that the computer knows me more than I do… it keeps trying to tell me certain people should be on my friends list, even though nobody I know knows them… and I don’t know why, as I don’t recognise their names. 🙂 But it makes me wonder if we have emailed each other in the past, and the computer somehow remembers that, even though I don’t.

      Still, I think I’ll stick to the people I KNOW I know, for now. 😉

  2. I remember when I joined FB back when NOBODY was on it! Everyone was on Friendster or MySpace. Now I’m finding people I knew in elementary school, and friends of friends of friends of my mom (yes, she has a FB too! hehe) asking to be my “friend by association” lol.

    I like FB (sometimes), but strangely enough, and I think it’s a good thing–now that I started blogging/reading blogs again, I’m not on FB as much…

    I would totally used FB to annoy (or maybe even inspire?) people about your finds on Kindle and amazon. I happen to LOVE amazon! I find a lot of really good, out-of-print books there. I say do it. 🙂

    1. Thank you… have sent a few Kindle ‘bleats’ to the Facebookers! My sister has a lot of FB friends now; she’s been there a lot longer than me. So far I still just have the original handful.

      And I agree… I don’t know what I would do without Amazon! I would have had a lot of problems getting some of the things I wanted or needed if it didn’t exist.

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