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Magic Mouse Syndrome

I’ve been having pain in my hands for a while… every so often when I lift something mildly heavy (like a kettle) or crumple my hand, I get a nagging twinge in my palm that makes me regret it! Maybe I have been using my computer mouse too much lately (this creative spark I mentioned… lots of erasing; scrolling through Photoshop filters; creating new layers. Painting here (dab dab dab). Cloning there (more dabbing)). I haven’t had that particular pain before, so the next thing that crossed my mind is that it’s the Magic Mouse in particular.

Other people online have complained about pain in the wrist and palm after using this rather flat, sensitive and twiddly gadget… you can’t rest your hand on it, as you would scroll and zoom without meaning to!

I don’t like the new, flat Apple Mac keyboards either… I’m a reasonably fast typist, but these boards make my hands feel strained, and I make a lot of mistakes.

I guess there are three things I should do:

(1) take a break from the computer!

(2) cut my talons (these flat keyboards were not made with long-nailed ladies in mind, and I end up stabbing the keys with the tips of my claws)

(3) dig out my graphics tablet again, and do all that Photoshop dab-dabbing with a pen instead of a mouse.




I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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