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Perfect Sunday?

(Prompted by WordPress’s Post a Week 2011 challenge. I meant to post it last Sunday but didn’t like it… this is an edited version!)

What would my perfect Sunday be?

Achievement! Both in the practical sense and the creative. I would communicate well and happily, make some little discovery or learn something new and useful. I would successfully complete at least one project; have lots of energy and direction through the day; have reason to believe in a bright future; begin some wonderful book or series that inspires me and makes me want to know the characters forever….

Any concerns will have been laid to rest… the day is always a lot brighter when niggling worries have been cleared up.

How the above differs from my usual Sunday…

Usually I only achieve one or two things, maybe part of a thing. Then I get so tired or distracted that I spend the rest of my time reading a book or watching TV. I might start a project or explore new software, and get tired of it even though it’s supposed to be my hobby.

On a good Sunday I hear from friends and have a good chat with them; on a poor Sunday I get no response to anything, and even the forumites aren’t speaking to each other, so I feel bored, disappointed and peeved. Or I do hear from friends and they aren’t saying what I want them to say… when you want a long chat, you get a ‘yes/no/I suppose’ email. When you are hoping to discuss something specific, they ignore it and bring up a topic of their own. On especially bad days they might say something that makes you wonder “is he/she annoyed? What did I say?” And if you’re upset or worried, even mildly, your heart sinks slowly into your boots, even after you’ve stopped thinking about it, and you end the day at an all-time low. Which is why, if something sets your mind to rest the next morning, you can feel so good in comparison! “The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la!”

Some bad Sundays can trail on for months…

Anyway, I have decided to start a new hobby, one that might take me away from the computer and shake me up… scrapbooking! (Adds it to lengthening ‘To Do’ database). Oh, I asked Mum for ideas for a scrapbook theme, thinking it might spark her interest, and she said “Horrible TV Adverts,” and went back to peering closely at a stamp.




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