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Cold and Tired in Scotland

I think it’s going to be a more relaxed Christmas than usual for us, because of the bad weather. I just think “hey ho, if I don’t have all the gifts, they’ll arrive later.” We all have our excuses ready; we keep being told by various sites and couriers that we might not get our presents in Scotland before Christmas Day, but I’m inclined to think a lot of it is bluster…. just like us when on Christmas Day we are telling our loved ones “sorry, you would have had three extra parcels but they’re still stuck on the motorway. Snow and ice, you know. Not my fault.”

But it was dreadful today… I mean the weather wasn’t snowy but it’s very cold.The local temperature stands at -4 degrees C, and might drop to -6. I’m so glad we got that heating fixed (it broke down, and we were three freeeeeezing days and nights without it! Though the heat is on again, I can feel the ice still tiptoeing up my spine and trying to give me a sly hug… the opposite of that warm furry Cup-a-Soup hug that would leap on you from nowhere when you had a mug of Cup-a-Soup (according to the commercials)). Anyway, we got the bus out to town in the morning, and met my sister for coffee, then drifted round the shops, and I felt awful. It seemed to me we were just going to the same shops and fingering the same goods we did for the past couple of days, and I was very bored and ‘down’. All I wanted to do was go home again. I was looking forward to going home before we even left!

It wasn’t till we DID get back home that I remembered I got up early this morning, and had already been up about 5 hours before we took the morning bus to town! I’m still very sleepy. But I felt fed up anyway, as we were spending ages in shops I didn’t want to be in (lots of waiting near the door looking at the same nasty cardigans and overpriced Christmas baubles for the umpteenth time, trying not to fall asleep on my feet), and then I was being rushed impatiently round those shops that I DID want to be in… At least I managed to get a couple of things which went off (“bleep bleep bleep”) when we were leaving the shop, and we had to have their alarms deactivated as they hadn’t been removed at the till. I don’t know why that always happens to me at least once every Christmas…

Then we went home and sat watching the same old programs we’ve seen millions of times before (Antique Roadshow, Eggheads, Pointless etc) and it was made worse by the Antique Roadshow doing “the ten best…” (pot boiler). If I had control of that remote control, the TV would either be off or I’d be watching something with more meat in it, like a film or a drama… or a DVD if I was desperate. I was looking at a family in the Antique Roadshow having a doll or a bear or something valued, and I was wondering how they could stand there looking so bright-eyed and interested. Surely the ennui of everyday life had got to them too? If they felt it, they didn’t show it, though the mother looked a little further along that road than the child.

My tiredness has turned to headache… I think that means I should have slept but didn’t really. Was dozing off on the sofa then getting up for coffee.

Sorry, I sound very grumbly! I suppose I should try and finish this Christmassy picture… will be back when I have more energy. (Probably 4 a.m. tomorrow morning…)



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7 thoughts on “Cold and Tired in Scotland

  1. I’ve been lucky to do what little christmas shopping I had to do by myself this year. There weren’t many this year, thankfully, but I like to wander and snoop. Since I’m in need of some newer clothes that fit I had time to try on the odd thing that caught my eye as well. It was lovely to not have my husband (who hates to shop) harumphing and I was able to stare and touch things as I pleased, and actually enjoy it for the most part. I love J dearly, but shopping with him at christmas is not one of the things that I enjoy about the holiday season. He is, at times, the humbug.
    It’s nice to just relax with him for the rest of the holidays and not feel rushed. There’s enough obligations and places to have to be at as it is, it seems…

  2. So this is Christmas in Scotland. I imaged it so different. A long time ago, my family came here from your area. I guess we always image it better somewhere else. Christmas was better this year, as we lower our expectations this year. But as my partner says, stopping Christmas, is like stopping an avalanche. He is write. I didn’t send Christmas cards, this year, on purpose, (I missed other years, but by accident, I bought them, but they didn’t get sent.) Now I must answer the cards I received. Oh well, we do the best we can….
    So here’s wishing you a good New Year! I enjoyed reading your post, even if it was a little down.

    1. Hi Annell! I’m completely flummoxed about what to do about Christmas cards… perhaps if I can get back some of the Christmas spirit and became more organized, I could take it up again! Part of me thinks I could do all the cards now and have them waiting for Christmas 2011. 🙂 Only who knows who else I will have met by then? (That’s more positive than wondering who will have gone!)

  3. Reading Geosomin’s comment, reminded me, since I did so little shopping this year, I didn’t get any new underwear, which I usually treat myself to, while out Christmas shopping. That will be on my list in the new year.

    1. On my shopping list at the New Year was a collectable bear. 🙂 Just a little one. I had a look at the clothes in a new clothes store, and thought they were all too thin (the fabric). I don’t know if that’s fashion, or a way of increasing their profit margins…

  4. Happy new year all… I hope there is less pressurized shopping on the days to come. 🙂 I thought we would all be collapsing with relief when Christmas finally came, but Mum said the town was absolutely teeming with shoppers on Boxing Day, looking for somewhere to spend their money (and not all of the shops were open). I think they are all mad…

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