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Snow Views

View of the snow from my computer room window this morning. At least one photo is pixellated because I saved it as a low quality JPEG. And the camera was fighting me… it didn’t want to take it because the light was too low!

I’ve begun reading ‘Master and Commander’ by Patrick O’Brian. Mum says she is rereading the entire series for the second time. “It’s better than Hornblower,” she said.
“What?! How can anything be better than Hornblower?”
“Well, I thought nothing could be better, but if anything is, THIS is. It has a lot more detail.”
“I was looking for something vaguely Christmassy to read, like Ellis Peters. Does the Master and Commander have Christmases, or is he too busy pursuing his own personal vendettas?”
“Oh, he has Christmas on board with extra food. And he doesn’t pursue vendettas really; he’s too naive.”
“Well, if you happen to be looking for something Christmassy to read, you should re-read the Moomins… they’re just right for this time of year.”
“I was thinking about doing that.”

We like our cold snowy books. 🙂

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I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

8 thoughts on “Snow Views

  1. I’m looking forward to a cold snowy book or two once I’m done my schoolwork…
    Do you often get that much snow. Those photos are beautiful – they look like it does outside *here* 🙂

  2. i struggled with master and commander. I prefer Sharpe myself.

    Ellis Peters – now that is something I need to reread!!

    Christmasy? Sherlock Holmes The Blue Carbuncle or an MR James ghost story

  3. Pacian: Wish it was thawing here. We keep getting cold snaps and everything freezes up again, and cats crawl shivering onto your lap…

    Geo: We had some mild winters in Scotland a few years ago (at least where I live), but snow seems to be ‘back on’ now. It’s unusual for us to get snow before Christmas… I haven’t even got all my gifts yet.

    Pete: Yes, the style of Master and Commander gives pause at times, when you’re not sure where the ship is or what’s going on. 🙂 Lots of detail about parts of ships and everyday routine and paperwork… has its interest, though. Maybe I’ll find a Sherlock Holmes in a charity shop… if the snow will let us get out. 🙂

  4. So beautiful. Snow close to Xmas time is so magical. I’ve only spent two Xmases in the northern hemisphere and the lights and snow were just wonderful. It’s just not the same in the southern hemisphere where we get a long day of either grey cloud or humidity (or both).

    1. It might seem more magical when all our preparations are complete, but at the moment I’m in Grumble Mode (too cold!) Maybe I should go to bed early tonight… I mean to stay home tomorrow and catch up on ‘in the house’ type stuff.

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