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Persnickety Pie

Oops, didn’t mean to stay away so long. I was reading Windlord by Michael Scott, rearranging furniture, fighting minor infections and creating desktop wallpapers… few of which I actually posted! It’s my perfectionist streak. Even if the wallpaper itself has nothing much to blush about, the time has to be perfect for posting it. Maybe I could save it for a small contest, or it depends on the right atmosphere, or time of day… but I’m too persnickety about what is ‘right’.

It’s the same with the blog; I haven’t stopped writing posts, but I leave them overnight, reread them the next day, and shudder. I don’t know if that technique is doing much for its survival. 🙂

The other evening, my sister made a huge pot of her famous lentil pie. I would never refuse it, as it tastes good and is the ultimate comfort food… it’s ironic that I confided to Mum that I associate the pie with receiving bad news! She said she has the same experience every time she sees a spider brooch, as she bought one the same day she received similar news. “It’s how superstitions start,” she said. Now, will I think about spider jewellery every time E makes her pie, and will Mum will think about pie every time she sees a spidery brooch?

Lentil Pie and Decorative Spider

I only meant to do a black and white doodle… perhaps I can’t help myself. The colours will out!



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