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Peace, Space and Trees

I spend a lot of time indoors and I’m definitely no gardener… but recently I’ve taken to going out into the garden and sitting by myself with a mug of home-brewed coffee. You collect cats while you’re there… usually a maximum of three, as two are elderly and stay in their beds.

I love it when it’s lush and not over-mowed. With popping buttercups and daisies, nodding clematises, trees with different types of leaf, all rustling and swaying. The clematises and trees of various sizes surround you and lean over above, and the neighbours can’t see you through all the greenery. Then there’s the blue sky and billowing white clouds, and the occasional bird silhouette.

Oh, and large groups of walkers with rucksacks, going two-by-two along the track at the bottom of the garden! There’s a tall, dark hedge there and they tend not to see you, but I can see them. If they could see me, I would hate it, but the cats and I watch cautiously, and feel that we’ll be OK if we don’t move…

The cats in particular have to be careful, because owners leave their dogs off the leash, and sometimes they come into the garden. A black Labrador came at least twice into our house to eat the cat food. We haven’t seen it recently, so maybe the owners saw what it was doing.

Listening to footsteps and car doors slamming, I imagined myself peering round the wall of clematises at the neighbours, wondering whether or not to say good morning. They don’t need to know I’m there unless I come out, and I wondered if there are sheltering banks of clematises on the internet. Presumably Facebook doesn’t have any.

Because of the way the vegetation is above your head as well as all around you, I found myself thinking (again) how no camera or camcorder could ever capture that, though maybe a fish-eye lens would have a good stab at it! I would love to have an extremely wide angle lens. I got a telescopic zoom lens, but it’s frustrating because I would rather get the full picture than zoom in on details.

My new mobile phone (a gift) just beeped at me. Nobody ever texts me, so I thought at first it was my hearing aid’s ‘low battery’ beep. Then it occurred to me to wonder where the other beepy thing was, and started to panic as I couldn’t find it at first (“don’t tell me I’ve lost it already!”) Finally found it under a pile of collapsed CD boxes, placed there by Mum.

Sister just fiddling with her phone to see what various things do… it’s less easy to hide behind clematises when you have a loud beepy thing with you!

Wall of Clematises


I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

6 thoughts on “Peace, Space and Trees

  1. You transported me to your oasis for a moment… I almost bent over to scoop up a cat. :o)
    Lovely to read. x

  2. Hi Daffy, lovely to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying your summer. Today is a bit dodgy… looks sunny till you get outside, and it suddenly goes behind a cloud. 🙂

    1. I’m nurse maiding my husband today so I’m not outdoors either…. the sun is calling me but I am not answering. He had septum and throat surgery last night so he’s a little tender… grumpy…weary…tired…needy… ;o) oh and he smells a bit. Bless him, I hope he doesn’t read this. x

  3. Ach! I’m still dragging my feet on getting a new mobile.

    Also, was it you with the software for stitching multiple shots into a panorama, or someone else? Because that’s one way to get a complete picture of your surroundings.

    1. That will be someone else, as I don’t have panorama software. I wish I did, though! Once I tried doing panorama with just Photostitch in Photoshop Elements, and it was a mess.

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