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That’s Weird

From my personal journal: Tuesday 8 June 2010

I’ve done the worst of the work re my picture & backup reorganization — though there is still plenty of weeding & pruning to be done! Isn’t there always?

I feel much better now that my backup system is largely automated, and I have improved access to my pictures from all the computers, not just one. I feel like I’ve been set free.

Watched a documentary about Eyjafjallajökull. Wrote a blog post about how I imagine everything has a consciousness and needs to be respected and looked after. Was too tired to post it. Maybe tomorrow…

Laptop wouldn’t let me eject the new Hitachi external drive — kept telling me it was using it. All my applications were closed, but I could see it was working. I could also feel it, as every so often it drums on the desk. Finally I remembered telling Vista to index the Hitachi for faster searching (why does it need to be told??) so perhaps that’s what it was doing. I left it alone, and every so often tried to free the Hitachi — nothing doing. I wished I could see something saying “Hitachi being indexed…” but there was nothing. Confirmation would be nice. I went downstairs and told Mum the laptop was so pleased with its new hard drive (a gift from her) that it wouldn’t let me put it to bed.

Finally it stopped, and I could disconnect the drive and shut down the laptop.

A Digital Blasphemy picture of a big moon appeared on the new Mac, and Mum came up and said “that’s weird,” in an admiring way. I didn’t think she would understand if I said “that’s Digital Blasphemy!” so I just said “he’s one of the better 3D artists.” She nodded and went downstairs… leaving me to reflect how she always looked at pictures on my computers and said “that’s weird!” and sometimes means “that’s nice,” and other times “that’s nasty.”

Was wrestling again with the OpenEXR files. Came to the conclusion some time ago that they are not corrupt — they are PC files that upset my old Mac! If they so much as come up in the viewfinder and the icon tries to display, all the windows disappear with a snap — Finder quits. I can’t open them in the Mac’s copy of Photomatix — it crashes. I thought if I stored the .EXR files in a folder that warned me not to look inside (except in list view as opposed to icon view) I’d be safe — but I reckoned without the search facility!! If you are busy thinking about other things, and search the whole of the photo folder for every file with ‘tree’ in the title, and if I happen to have an .EXR file that’s so named….. ptff!! Everything bursts like a balloon, the LaCie drive retreats, and I find myself staring at an empty desktop.

After a little head-scratching, I realized I could instruct the search facility (Spotlight) to exclude certain folders… it’s supposed to be a privacy option, but it’s spooky! As soon as I told it certain folders weren’t to be searched, they and their contents vanished completely. It’s as if they’re not on the Mac at all.

I went on the new Mac and discovered the EXR files are absolutely fine there. They have proper icons showing thumbnails of the pictures, and I can open them. I had to come up with a solution so that I can use the new Mac to back up the old Mac’s LaCie drive (to keep the pictures organized without my having to do the work twice), without my having to delete these EXR files, and, at the same time, without my having to worry about unexpected quits on the old Mac, or having to delete the EXR files by hand each time… Anyway, I think I already found it. Spotlight and its privacy option! Sometimes I feel like I’m tying myself in knots.



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2 thoughts on “That’s Weird

  1. “I remembered telling Vista to index the Hitachi for faster searching (why does it need to be told??)”

    Probably because it seems to take ages.


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