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Brother Spider

There was a spider running across the floor in the gathering dark. I was aware of it before I looked down to see it run in a shambling way under the TV stand. In a vague way I had thought of it as being one of the cats, which is why I didn’t look sooner. Nobody else saw it, and I didn’t say anything. Live and let live.

We were watching a Brother Bear DVD… neither of us had seen it before. Mum said it she thought it was going to be like Yogi Bear, but I had a foreboding feeling it was something darker. I said “I hope it’s not going to be sad… a sort of beary Bambi!” Which is exactly what it was.

Part of the way through, I said “several of the story lines seem very familiar”, and Mum said ‘yes’. She turned and scowled at me when the bear prepared to run across dangerous ground with lots of erupting steam vents.

I said to myself “this is not how the story goes”… I changed it in my mind before it was even finished. Life is sad enough without sad films.


“The little bear was strangely unattractive,” I said.
“I didn’t like either of the bears.”
“I could see bits of Mulan in it as well.”

Next time we’ll probably watch The Jungle Book (an old favourite) and then I’ll get her to agree to The Emperor’s New Groove. I’ve seen it and she hasn’t… and I think she would like it. Also, I don’t think Mulan is in it anywhere. Perhaps I just didn’t notice!


Wrote just now in an email to someone:

Do you ever lose interest in your activities? When I’m really aiming for something, I seem to get interested in what I’m doing, but then… recently I don’t seem to have much heart for anything. I haven’t written in my private journal since voting (though it’s nothing to do with politics!) I can get up a wicked interest in news such as the Icelandic Ash Cloud stopping European airports in their tracks, and I’ll go and read to see what people are saying, and get excited when people want me to get involved in their projects, but then…

I think of things I want to talk about (on blog or email) and never say them. The moment passes. I’m reading a P.G. Wodehouse novel; I’ve always loved his books but even so, I pick the book up and then put it down. In the end it just seems easier to roll over and go to sleep.

I’m trying a new ‘keep fit’ game but felt thoroughly irritated by it from the outset… it’s just me, perhaps… not naturally being a sporty go-getting type! It doesn’t seem to irritate anybody else (according to their reviews… except in one instance!) I suppose if we take the time to review something, we usually really like it. But it has good points, so I’ll stick with it. It seems that when we learn our way around it, we can screen out the bits we don’t like and stick with the bits we do! More on that later (in a blog post).

Feel tired. Maybe there’s a link. But which came first — the chicken or the egg?



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

6 thoughts on “Brother Spider

  1. A similar complaint of mine is that nature documentaries always seem to feature animals killing and eating other animals.

    I went to see the nature documentary “Oceans” in the theater, and there was a charming scene of baby sea turtles crawling towards the ocean- and then they just *had* to ruin it with an extended scene of sea gulls swooping down on them like Messerschmitts.

    1. They always seem to cover predation and reproduction. Perhaps they feel the story isn’t fully told without both those things… but like you, I’m not very keen!

      I’m still haunted by the polar bear trying (desperately) to eat a walrus three times its size. And failing. And being told it would probably die.

  2. I’ve actually always been annoyed when shows about animals try to make them all cute and cuddly and happy…and then kill them in a sad way, just to pull at your heartstrings. I mean nature is cruel and the reason in animal shows there is a lot of animals hunting and such is that that is what wildlife is like. That is not why I rented a cartoon – I wanted to be entertained by something not real…and not feel sad at the end. I didn’t see Bambi until I was 14 and I recall being quite pissed off at when Bambi’s mother dies.

    I’m finding lately that it’s coming down to enjoying my spare time or spending it writign about what I”m not doing in my spare time…it would be a lot of moping about how busy I am and I’ve erred on the side of less posting, even though there’s lots I feel I could say, but just would rather spend the time doing something in the real world.
    It’s odd..

    1. I don’t like feeling manipulated in films either… I get angry when they make a difficult moment stretch too long.

      About blogging; sometimes it’s all about just getting on with things, like you say… other times it seems to be more about not having energy for anything, whether online or offline. Today I’m in an organizing mood, if anything… instead of making new pictures, I’ve been pulling together lots of scattered files and folders. There’s a moderate degree of success, but I’ve a feeling things will always be a bit scattered! Actually that’s part of what makes blogging difficult for me; I have my ideas when I’m nowhere near the blog, then forget!

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