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The Fog, the Fog!

When I’m working in the Bryce 3D image application, I sound like Hammy the Squirrel from Over the Hedge. After lots of puzzling over something I don’t understand, such as a strange transparent boundary that’s ruining my object mask, the penny suddenly drops…

“It was the vapour! OHHHHHHH!”

Shortly afterwards: “what’s that radial light doing in the clouds?? I thought it was down in that dark bit. I wondered why it was still dark there…”

Total 3D scatterbrain. I just want to speed-speed-speed up and down the 3D hedge, but the Bryce renders don’t keep up with my ideas. Sigh.

Mum, after days of watching me poring intently over the rock texture of a recalcitrant volcano, said she’ll soon be calling me Slartibartfast. You wouldn’t want me as a real-world Slartibartfast, but I would love a nice big Slartibartfast desktop picture, preferably of Bill Nighy. Only I don’t have time, so I hope someone else makes one. 🙂

“That was one of mine. Won an award, you know. Lovely crinkly edges.”

I wish.

PS: the above picture was the render zapped by the Windows update. Or should I say, its successor… It took 12 hours 16 minutes, so I was spot on about the time. I’ve been tearing my hair out because it looks bright and clear on the new Mac, and murky and horrid on the old one! I bet all of Slartibartfast’s computers are perfectly calibrated.



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4 thoughts on “The Fog, the Fog!

  1. I love the reference to Slartibartfast!

    I’ll have to look up Bryce Renders. I’m a little out of the loop on 3D Applications- but you’ve piqued my interest!

  2. Bryce is addictive… it’s not the best designed application ever, but anyone who’s spent any length of time in it seems to be fond of it. Robin Wood’s tutorials are helpful; I also found some by David Brinnen… read through before following them though, as he sprung something at the end of one that I wish he’d pointed out before I done all the work! It was the one about the flexible pipe. If you want it to be very flexible, you put the control points in BEFORE adding the metaballs! I’ll have to do another one today, I think.

  3. I don’t think I’d have the patience to wait for 12 hours of rendering…I have enough trouble with 1 hour algorythms with my MSc project 🙂

  4. The key with 12 hours of rendering is to have other computers to work on… that gets you through. 🙂 Though sometimes I think 3 computers is not enough, especially when one is so much faster than the others that it has to do the bulk of the rendering.

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