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Laptop Mumble

One of the things I don’t like about Windows on my laptop is that, every so often, the firewall pops up a message saying something like “somePCunheardofthing.exe is attempting to control somethingelseunheardof — should I let it?”

How am I supposed to know??

I look it up on the internet, but the popup disappears in seconds, and it’s as if it’s never been. This last one apparently had something to do with Toshiba’s SMART update… but if I’m never actually there at the time it tries to run it, that message will go unanswered for a long time.

I never seem to get those little blips with my Mac. A Mac life is a quiet life in general, whereas life on the laptop (with Vista) is frequently punctuated by “!! ??”



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4 thoughts on “Laptop Mumble

  1. “Windows Vista needs your permission to continue.”


    “You clicked a button. Are you sure you want to give this button access to your computer?”

    YES, I told you the first time!

  2. annoying… I often let some stuff for my MSc run overnight as it takes hours and hours and I don’ tneed to be there for it to run…and the odd time it shuts down on me and I lose data. Very annoying…. Some of the newer PC viruses are fake popup windows that are designed to take advantage of this…trying to get you to click on things that activate an exe file.
    Fun fun…

  3. Therefore we should really check everything before giving it the go-ahead. Even though my laptop is unlikely to have anything; it’s not often on the internet! It’s the principle of it… though it can be so tempting just to say to the Firewall, “oh, go on then!”

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