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Bearfang Plays Up

Took a root-canalled tooth (Bearfang) to the dentist today… it’s OK now, but it kept getting sore when I had a heavy cold. I pointed that out to the dentist, and added it doesn’t actually hurt at the moment, and never hurts it to bite down on. She said there might be a root that needs a bit of work, and I’m probably right that it flares up when I have a viral infection, but there were signs I’d been grinding the tooth quite hard, so she’s filed it off! We’re leaving it now to see what happens next…

She called Mum in to talk about it, and she went on for about five minutes, waving her arms. I didn’t really know what she was saying, so later in a cafe I said “she talked an awful lot, considering that it all boiled down to ‘she grinds her teeth,'” and Mum chuckled and said “yes… funny girl.” But later I prodded for more detail, and she told me all the stuff about the viral infections probably having an impact.

Teeth are weird.



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3 thoughts on “Bearfang Plays Up

    1. Perhaps our bodies fight the tooth infections; they sometimes go with a little bit of help (mouthwash etc). I was using mouthwash during my second cold, but I didn’t overdo it as it made my tongue go numb. 🙂

  1. Despite my tooth enamel being so thin that I’m at the dentist all the time, I’m lucky to have not had a tooth infection. Sure they will likely all fall out by the time I’m 50, but hey. you take what you can get 🙂

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