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Cat Owners Have Degrees

The following news snippet was pointed out to me recently:

More cat owners ‘have degrees’ than dog-lovers

I wonder if people with degrees tend to be more bookish and less sporty or active in general… there’s always been a link in people’s minds between writers, artists and cats. An artist or poet is not going to be happy at being interrupted in the middle of their great masterpiece by a canine wanting to go out! It would no longer be the Man from Porlock in that case, but the Dog from Porlock.

Any other ideas?



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Cat Owners Have Degrees

  1. Most of my favourite artists (music and painters) have all had cats.
    I find this to be comforting knowledge, altho I’m not sure what I can get out of it 🙂
    Perhaps dog people are more sociable and active outside the home and academic/artsy setting and therefor spend less time on their studies and creative things?

  2. Hmm. Not sure I agree with this. I grew up with dogs, still had a dog when I got my degree and have known other dog people with degrees. I also know of many cat people without degrees. I see too many exceptions for this generalisation to ring true.

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