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Sky Limits

This news item is out: Sky told to cut wholesale prices by regulator Ofcom.

We had already decided to cancel our subscription to Sky Movies. There isn’t the choice we expected, and there are many repeats. My mother has been feeling angry about the monthly subscription, as she feels she is not getting good value.

I saw Disney’s Aladdin for the first time recently, enjoyed it, and wondered why I hadn’t seen it before. It just never seemed to show up on a TV channel that I was watching… and I only saw this one because it was recently on the Disney Cinemagic channel (subscription only). Aladdin‘s quite an old film, isn’t it? 1992.

I don’t suppose that cancelling Sky Movies will increase the number of movies we get to watch, but we don’t feel we get much choice even with it. It’s worse for those who can only watch the subtitled films. The TV guide has larger areas of dark blue (non-subtitled) than white (subtitled). It rattled me when I took a closer look at the dark blue areas (which I normally skip over) and identified a number of films and shows that I would be happy to watch. The Sci-Fi Channel is an example. I love Babylon 5, but it wasn’t subtitled. Very little is…

I had to go online to cancel our movie subscription, but (as I feared) we can add whatever we want with ease, but can’t remove anything. There was a phone number that could be called, but no email address. Finally went to the ‘Contact Us’ in tiny print at the foot of the page, and was able to fill in a form asking for the cancellation.

It doesn’t make sense to me that businesses do such things. Do they honestly believe that we will just give up and go away? The only result is to waste our time, and ensure that customers are thoroughly annoyed by the time they get in touch with a human being!

Got a reply saying that they are swamped with emails just now; we just have to be patient. Wonder what those emails are all about…?



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6 thoughts on “Sky Limits

  1. heh…we turned our dish off one summer and then decided to cancel all together when we found we didn’t watch it so much after all…when we called in it was a test in patience…we were put on hold multiple times for 20 minutes at a time and offered all kinds of free channels to stay…

    1. I read that Sky do the same thing if you try to cancel Movies… I thought they would send an email in response to mine, but they phoned up (I must remember to tell them not to!) and so as they were talking to Mum, I don’t know if they tried to persuade us to stay. I know I told her they might try to offer a discount, and she said “if they do, I’ll tell them WHY I don’t want Movies any more!” (Too many repeats). That’s called staying in focus. 🙂

  2. Sky are notorious for their customer service. The fact is, the longer they keep you from getting in touch, the longer they can keep taking your money without having to work for it.

    I barely watch live TV anymore. It’s easier and more convenient to just buy DVD boxed sets, and the subtitles are usually higher quality as well.

    “Aladdin’s quite an old film, isn’t it? 1992.”

    In my book, ‘old film’ means ‘before 1970’.

    1. That’s quite a thought. I said to Mum that if we found we weren’t even requiring Sky all that much (Freeview might be enough) we could cancel the whole thing. I wouldn’t fly into any tantrums! She laughed and said maybe…. we haven’t really checked out how many Sky channels we watch. But, as you say, we could get the box sets instead; often the extra channels we get are no more than repeated box sets anyway…. Frasier, for instance. Would I save money buying a Frasier box set and just playing it when I’m in the mood?? Especially if I could count on the subtitles always being there and good (of course I would have to check box sets before buying).

      LOL, see what you mean about old films… Aladdin’s not so old really. But it’s old enough to have played multiple times on TV… and I’ve not seen it there. Maybe I’ve just been in the wrong place at the wrong time? In that case, how come I’ve seen Shrek a million and one times (and The Ice Age) but not Aladdin?

      1. Ah, but I only saw Aladdin recently when it was on Channel 5. I think a lot of the later hand-drawn Disney films never get shown because by the time they were ready for TV, the bean-counters decided that there was only money in CG animation anymore.

        They’re probably only getting shown at the moment because The Princess and the Frog showed there was still life in hand-drawn stuff.

      2. You are right… I did a bit of surfing and read that Disney bought Pixar and decided to stop doing the 2D animations… is that right? But they started again with The Princess and the Frog. It is very annoying that the richness of our life and culture is weakened by the ‘bean counters’ you mention.

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