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This is My Experience Too

I identified with the following two posts from Bella Online’s deafness editor, though I’ve been deaf all my life (not late-deafened).

Deafness — a foreign country

Deafness and speech — mishearing

In this piece, the story about the checkout queue is one of those things that happen — strangers think you will hear them if they address you from behind, and some get impatient when you don’t. It’s one of those things wearing away at you like a dripping tap.

This one reminded me of the first part of my Landlady dream! I suppose it’s something that does tend to happen, unless you have a very strong personality and get yourself involved a great deal.

There are other articles like the above, indexed on this page at Bella Online.



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2 thoughts on “This is My Experience Too

    1. That’s something I’ve always thought. Might be nice to go back to the days when you only spoke to people you had been formally introduced to. 🙂

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