This is My Experience Too

I identified with the following two posts from Bella Online’s deafness editor, though I’ve been deaf all my life (not late-deafened).

Deafness — a foreign country

Deafness and speech — mishearing

In this piece, the story about the checkout queue is one of those things that happen — strangers think you will hear them if they address you from behind, and some get impatient when you don’t. It’s one of those things wearing away at you like a dripping tap.

This one reminded me of the first part of my Landlady dream! I suppose it’s something that does tend to happen, unless you have a very strong personality and get yourself involved a great deal.

There are other articles like the above, indexed on this page at Bella Online.


2 responses

  1. My mum’s always got stories about people in queues. I really think that assuming anything about people is a form of rudeness.

    1. That’s something I’ve always thought. Might be nice to go back to the days when you only spoke to people you had been formally introduced to. 🙂

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