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Brief Anger Ramble

I read somewhere that we never used to be angry at every little thing when we were younger, but when we got older, anger came to be our first response to things. It is supposed to be an addictive habit that we have to learn to shake.

Just now I wondered….

… ‘habit’ is not the right word, is it? Though there’s an explanation that comes close to it. Perhaps some of our thoughts and attitudes become engrained, and these are what lead to anger. There is also something self-protective about anger… children have others to take care of them, but adults have to take care of themselves. They have learned to be wary, and past experiences may cloud their view. In that context it might not be an addictive habit so much as a survival tool. You’d put the shields up pretty quickly if you weren’t sure of something unknown in space… better safe than sorry!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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