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A Landlady’s Dream

I dreamed I was working in a large office, and my sister arrived with documents she wanted to show the staff, though she wasn’t an employee.

I took her to meet my colleagues, finding they had gone off for an after-hours drink in a local bar. I looked at them, gathered together, raising eyebrows lazily at us over their beers and gins, and I realized how close they were to each other — I’d never known. And somehow, the more they got together and understood each other, and the more I went home on my own at 5 pm, the more isolated I was from them.


My sister showed me the large ‘wallet’ she’d put her documents in. It was a strong file I’d bought at her request, and she’d filled it with such a thick sheaf of notes that it got slightly torn round the edge. She was annoyed, and hinted that I should buy another wallet as a replacement, but I felt that wasn’t sensible. I said she should just put strong tape on the rips and use the wallet for as long as she could — she shouldn’t have put such a thick bundle of papers in it in the first place.

When I woke, I realized the wallet dream was linked to my tenants. There have been a number of minor issues, and the latest is that the new washing machine isn’t clearing the fabric conditioner in every wash.

My older washing machine was the same when I lived there. I believed it was because the water pressure is low (the property is a bungalow with a ground-floor tank — something we raised with the tenants previously when they said the toilet didn’t have a forceful personality).

In this case, the property agents recommended that the tenants switch to a conditioner that could be put directly in the drum.

At times we must tape up the rips… a perfect life isn’t always achievable.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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