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General Rabbiting

Thanks for the comments on the child-safe bathroom lock (see my blog post Small Worries). I have written saying the lock can be raised if preferred, but maybe it can be changed to a slide bolt (raised on the door, with lock removed). That’s three stiff locks we’ve had on that door… I don’t fancy my chances of a fourth one bucking the trend!

Was in Borders today… 30% to 40% off most things. We didn’t stay long, but I got myself two DVDs: Around the World in 80 Days (starring Jackie Chan… I particularly like the artistic intermissions) and 10,000 BC (I kept looking at it, so decided I might as well get it… though I haven’t a clue what it’s like!)

Got goose pimples just now… pulled everything out of my three-tier letter tray and was going through it… then noticed a dark shape curled up in the bottom tray. It was a dead bee. (See my dream of a couple of months ago: Light Relief). This one wasn’t a monster bee…. it was rather small and lost.

Found another note (from last Christmas) which I’d written to Mum. It said: “I made a faux pas in [a posh and expensive shop]. You tried one of the perfumes, so I moved to a bottle on the next table, put it on, then looked at the side. It said parfum d’ambience.



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