Notes Around the House

Going through a pile of paper… many of them scribbled notes from Mum to me or me to Mum. I’m chucking them out now, but here’s a selection:

There is a fancy moth on my car that came from Morrisons with me. I don’t know how it hung on.

The door bell rang at 2 am this morning. I didn’t quite realise what had wakened me till later.

Me: I know both those songs very well (Lonesome Cowboy and Southern Nights) and they’re not making sense to my ears on the CDs through there. I can only hear his voice if I strain — some CDs are like that.
Mum: Maybe the musical accompaniment is too loud.

The Samsara is a creamy, musky version of J Lo Live.

Me: He said it suddenly got dark.
Mum: I heard him.

The Duke of Edinburgh said one of the world’s major problems was the explosion of human population. It has reached plague proportions.

Does Samson [cat] feel he has to be somewhere at this time?

My hyacinth has gone like this: [doodle of a horizontal hyacinth].

The buildings look squint. The sky is ridiculous.

You are in the doghouse for not writing a Birthday Claus letter. Confucius he say “Who not write letter get rubbish.”

Me: Blender has whirly blades on it. (Handing over money).
Mum (gift-giver of above dangerous item): 30p Rec.

King Louie… is in the shop.

I’m reading this book on a big storm in Galveston, 1900; quite good. Saw a programme about hurricanes and stormchasers… and they chased Hurricane Ike to Galveston and filmed it there! Even mentioned the 1900 storm, and showed a photo of the aftermath. Made me understand why, in the book, they were talking about the sea hitting the house-stilts before the storm even got there. The houses are still on stilts!

There are plenty more where those came from…


One response

  1. “Confucius he say “Who not write letter get rubbish.”
    That made me laugh out loud…

    Thanks 🙂 I could use a giggle today.

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