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Christmas Hikes

One thing I do dislike about Christmas is how the prices go up and stay as inflated as possible. My mother was looking everywhere for the Susan Boyle CD but couldn’t find it. So she asked me to get her a copy from the internet. I ordered it a few days ago, then thought I would get another as a Christmas gift for someone, so I went back to the same site to get it, and it had gone up by a pound!!

Maybe it’s only a pound, but I find that completely off-putting, and won’t buy it now.

I read a recent newspaper article about how things in high street stores cost more here and there, depending on how much the locals can afford to shop elsewhere for it. They said it was some sort of Christmas scandal, but I said I bet it’s like that all the time, not just at Christmas. I know that it happens, as I was in the local branch of a department store one January, looking at a set of cheap frying pans. They were still at full price… but I had just bought that same set of pans in a bigger town nearby (same chain of stores) at half price. I doubt if these price differences are purely to do with Christmas.

They tell us we should support our high street shops, but it’s hardly fair if some are having to pay more, and have more trouble finding things (like Mum couldn’t get her CD).

Whether online or in the high street, wouldn’t it be nice if Christmas got the reputation as a month for real bargains and not just fake ones? Still shopping around for gifts, I found The Colour of Magic DVD. It claimed to have been reduced from £20 to £12. And I’m thinking “£12 is the full price for the CD, isn’t it?” I don’t believe it’s been reduced at all. Surely DVDs aren’t £20 now? Have I fallen behind the times?

Perhaps I’m just a cheapskate.



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2 thoughts on “Christmas Hikes

  1. For me it’s christmas shopping crowds. Way too many people all on a mission and all cranky.
    I’m so glad most of our family members want donations in leu of gifts this year. On the weekend I jsut went to get a few christmas lights ans couldn’t even get into the aisles to look at them. Too many people.

    1. I have to confess I’m probably one of the cranky ones in the Christmas crowd! After all that crowing about how much I love Christmas, I go out Christmas shopping and get in a mood with everybody else. As you say, they stand in the way and you can’t see what you wanted to look at.

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