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Light Relief (I Think)

Random snippets from my private journals:

(1) On our duckpond walk, I said to Mum something about people leaving personal memorials in beauty spots — sometimes there are so many they have to be removed. Mum said “the world is full of strange people.” I thought a bit and said, “I have a theory that people feel they can’t talk about things, and so they break out in these odd little ways. Like leaving memorials.”
“Yes,” said Mum, and kept walking.

(2) Found a large bruise on my right foot and, as I couldn’t think how it had got there, I was getting worried. Suddenly remembered I dropped an Ottobot on it last night.

(3) Dreamed I was in the office and approached my 3-tier in/out trays. My soft toys round it had cobwebs on their noses, and there were webs covering the trays. Peering past them without touching, I saw two monster bees hovering inside. I told my boss, who rolled her eyes. Next time I went into the room, I found everything except the furniture had been moved out. Even the in/out trays and bees were gone. My soft toys were in a swing bin near the door — they didn’t want new monster bees being propagated. But the toys looked clean enough to me and I happened to be fond of them, so I put them in my bag to take home. One of the other women in the office walked past me, talking to someone else. I heard her say disparagingly, “I didn’t think the bees were THAT big!” I thought to myself “but they were absolute monsters. Weren’t they?” And though I remembered them as being outsized, I was struck by self-doubt.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “Light Relief (I Think)

  1. I have an old grey 3-tier contraption on my desk here. There’s a large cuddly sloth sitting on the top tier, wearing a denim shirt. A few days ago that spot was occupied by a small bear from New Zealand (made out of tea towels) and a Russ Berrie cat with large eyes. I hope none of them are nursing monster bees. 🙂

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