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Something Thick This Way Comes

Today I was horrified to come home and find that my cat Samson had left muddy pawprints all round the toilet seat and down into the bowl… where he’s probably been drinking. I thought he had grown out of that by now, especially with his lovely cat fountain downstairs!

I warned Mum, and tonight there was a graphic toilet cleaner commercial. “We should make Samson watch this,” I said. The commercial was subtitled, and it zoomed in on a couple of germs inside the toilet bowl. One germ said “hey look, something incredibly thick is approaching!”

“In our house it wouldn’t be the bleach he was referring to,” I said, glaring at Samson.

Mum laughed and said “that germ was Tony Robinson.”
I opened and shut my mouth a few times, then said, “oh, you could recognize the voices?” (This skill in others always takes me by surprise!) Then I began to understand something about the expression he used. “Was he being Baldrick from Blackadder? That whole thing was a kind of Blackadder scene? Who was the other germ?”

Another thing that takes me by surprise is when people praise actors for their roles in animated films… I think “who? Eddie Murphy was in Shrek? But Donkey is Donkey!” So much washes over my head. 🙂



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Something Thick This Way Comes

  1. I prefer when I can’t recognise the voice talent in films. Same with actors in movies. It kind of takes me out of the story when I know who it is…

    Our one cat will still drink out of the toilet if we let him…which we don’t. It just…um…comes back for us to clean up later. No fun for either of us. He does still drink from the dripping tap downstairs.

  2. I like the idea of actors specializing in voice roles and never actually appearing… that’s more how I tend to think of the animated films. I never used to think of them as a province for movie stars.

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