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Doubting Oneself

Another blogger said recently we must write for ourselves, not other people — and I’ve been trying to use that thought to get my blog running a bit more smoothly. I’ve been re-reading things I’ve written and doubting them, just as I create pictures and doubt them. The difference is that I look again at the pictures a few days later, and doubt my doubt — but, somehow, once I’ve decided I don’t like what I’ve written, I never find my way back to liking it again.

I’d rather my blog was about sugar and spice and all things nice, but sometimes find myself returning to what I’m really thinking about. Even when writing what I want to write, maybe I have it too much in mind that I’m writing for other people. I want to make certain points, and drag them in by the hair of their heads.

When I read over my private journal, though, I’m more frank about things there than I am here, yet it sounds warm. In my blog I have been trying to strip away emotion, and just end up sounding cold. Also, if I’m writing about one heavy topic per post rather than flitting from issue to issue, it doesn’t have the ‘butterfly effect’ to soften it!


Hey look, red flower over there.



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5 thoughts on “Doubting Oneself

  1. I think one of the valuable things about reading blogs is learning about other people’s joys and tribulations first hand. Blogs let you know what people feel and think in a way that casual observance and even conversation sometimes can’t.

  2. Thanks, TLB. 🙂 I think some of the more successful personal blogs sound like conversations… I suppose they’re very warm. If we have some sort of axe to grind, the blog becomes a little more scary.

  3. I’ve found that although I do censor myself a bit, my blog ends up being whatever is in my head a the time spewed out on the internet. I’m always interested when people actually bother to read it 🙂 Sometimes I rant, sometimes I talk about life and other dull things, but I’m finding it odd. I don’t want to be negative or just make this a personal diary…a while back I put my fitness stuff into a separate fitness blog and recipes into a cooking blog…and I’m starting to feel somewhat fractured…and yet I can’t bring myself to link them back together…yet.
    I like reading little blurbs about people’s lives and what they think…I’m always fascinated by the opinions of other people. A bit like window peeping into someone else’s mind…but not in a creepy way 🙂

  4. LOL, I think we all edit out work. 🙂 Sometimes blogs edit out work just by being. Perhaps writers of all kinds write to escape things as much as focus on things… have just been watching dramatizations about Enid Blyton. You end up with the feeling that, though she said her hundreds of books were all written for children, they were actually written so she could escape (and she’s not alone in that).

    That’s true, Geo, it’s always interesting reading what people think, especially when they spread their net and don’t rant constantly about the same thing (which sometimes I wonder if I do!)

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