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Apple Keyboards

When following instructions or tutorials, it’s always irritated me that I’m told “use the command and the option key on the Mac,” as neither key is marked as such! I can never remember which is which, and always have to guess, trying different key combinations till it works out.

The sharp key is another such… it’s accessible — again can never remember how — but isn’t marked.

A specific instruction wasn’t working for me this time (and might never, as Photoshop Elements 2 is so old), so I looked up ‘Command key‘ in the Wikipedia. It says:

“The Apple symbol was removed in the keyboard’s 2007 redesign, making room for the key’s name to appear. In the US, the keyboard now uses the word “command”; in Europe, the word used now is “cmd” printed on the key. The removal of the symbol triggered a small storm of online protests by Apple aficionados who felt that a unique design feature of the Macintosh was being dropped without a compelling need.”

Typical. I am all for them marking the keys properly, as for absolute years my heart has dropped into my boots whenever someone said “and now press Command-Option!”

(It seems the ‘Option’ key is the one marked Alt).

Ah last… it works!! (I was trying to reset my Photoshop preferences at the startup of the application, and had to hold Option-Command-Shift down and wait, not just press it and let go). Photoshop Elements 2 is old, but not that old.

Meanwhile, I found out this about the Mac sharp (hash) key: to get the sharp symbol, one must press the keys Option and 3 (sinking heart syndrome again) on a UK Mac keyboard. Apparently the US keyboards have it, as Americans are judged to use it more often than us tea-drinkers and porridge-slurpers. 😉

OK, I’ll try to remember that. Which one’s the Option key again…..?



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