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Have YOU Heard the Hum?

Was browsing The Deaf Blog today; noted the following articles:

‘Deafinitely Girly’ — new girl on the blog
Oh, I love writing and hate maths too! Maths was definitely something that got one yelled at.

Deaf model Kellie Moody leads fight to reduce stigma
“In retrospect I should have told the judge I would go to a speech therapist if he learned sign language.”
Excellent. 🙂

Have you heard ‘the hum’?
Hmmmm… well I’ve certainly heard the hum… along with roars, bumps, bangs, rattles… and felt them too. I’ve sensed a frenzied ‘rushing’ before actually hearing anything, and it’s followed by violent shaking, sometimes with a knocking sound. Sometimes the light outside (at the dead of night) brightens. I have been woken abruptly from a deep sleep, not just once, but many times, so I don’t think it’s all to do with the explanation that’s found in these articles. Also, though I have similar problems in this house, they were far worse in my old house. One of my mother’s friends lived nearby, and said she sometimes felt there was something going on in the neighbourhood! I blogged about it here: The Sinister Town of Darkness.



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