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My Dear Blogfriends

I wrote this days and days ago, but was distracted by computer problems. It’s supposed to be a Jane Austen type letter, but doesn’t succeed well.

Life goes on the same as ever. Our days alternate between sun and rain; blue sky and grey cloud.

We sallied forth to a local beauty spot — the intention being for Mother to sketch and for myself to take photographs. In the event, neither of us did anything, feeling uninspired by the tamed and cultivated beauty around us.

We took our ease on a bench, gazing upon a breathtaking vista of small waterfalls and lilies, neat rockeries with tall, swaying trees in the distance… each doubtless chosen to complement the next. The leaves moved in family groups; some like stirring clouds of maroon mist; others shivering and shaking, turning their pale silver bellies to the uncertain sun.

In similar case, a bevy of beauties sets a clamour on the senses, whereas one in solitude is seen to better advantage — thus we cordially agreed to put aside our artistic endeavours until the autumn should move in, causing all of this beauty to fade. Death, decay and drama is of prime interest, causing creative energies to come to the full. For who can resist a scene of ‘nature red in tooth and claw?’

However, following recent visits to the dentist, I flinch from the topic of teeth. Red teeth are all very well in nature, but less so in civilized society. Fortunately, our dearest Delilah has wriggled her red claws under my door (inciting her little cat games) so we can turn from the subject with relief, and tantalize her with bits of paper and string.

I trust you are all in the best of health and enjoying your many and varied pursuits to the full. Wrap up warm and don’t forget to write as soon as you blow in from the cold. I always love to receive your news, especially when read by a warm fireside.

Yours affectionately,
Diddums (with apologies to Jane Austen)



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “My Dear Blogfriends

  1. More zombies please 🙂

    Just got back from a dental excursion. My teeth are so clean I want to do a little dance…not as bad as I was dreading. Of course I haven’t been to the filling appointment yet…:(

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